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To make ZRP Kuyedza Women’s Club the centre of excellence in self sustaining projects and women empowerment


To prepare its members for the National Economic growth through poverty alleviation projects


ZRP Kuyedza Women’s Club for total transformation, upliftment and progression of families.


  • Patriotism
  • Innovation and Effectiveness
  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Client Focus
  • Accountability and Competence
  • Flexibility and Passion


  1. to provide instructions in self-reliance programmes, through home-craft courses, workshops and seminars.
  2. to provide for opportunities in embarking on income generating projects for the benefit of its members.
  3. to organize fund raising activities of any form in order to promote, protect and further the interests of the Club.
  4. to establish and administer such activities, funds and reserves for the welfare of its members and dependants or necessary for the proper exercise of the functions of the Club.
  5. to promote the image of the Zimbabwe Republic Police and Create Public Support for the role played by Kuyedza Women’s Club.
  6. to provide for the provisions of the collaboration with other women’s organisations or any other body concerned with the rights, welfare and status of women.
  7. to present and make recommendations on any administrative police action that directly affect its members.
  8. to provide opportunities for sport, recreation, social interaction and refreshments for the benefit of its members.
  9. generally to do all such things as are calculated to achieve or facilitate or which are incidental or conducive to the performance of the functions.
  10. to do anything for the purpose of improving the skills, knowledge and usefulness of its members and in that connection to provide or assist other persons in providing facilities for training, education and research.

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