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  • Every client has a right to enter the police station or public enquiry counter (PEC) and make a report if he/she feels his/her rights have been infringed by some other person;
  • Right to have his/her report recorded by police and be given a reference number;
  • Right to follow up on the position of reported cases and be given sufficient explanation by the police;
  • Right to seek recourse when not satisfied with the service rendered by police officers;
  • Right to carry out an arrest of any individual for the commission of crimes as empowered by Sections 27 – 31A of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act Chapter 9:07.


  • As provided by Section 39 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act, Chapter 9:07, every male inhabitant in Zimbabwe between the age of sixteen and sixty years is, when called upon by a police officer, authorized and required to assist that police officer in making any lawful arrest;
  • Clients have an obligation to give their suggestions or comments with a view to improve police service delivery;
  • Clients also have to clearly express their particular needs from the police or what they feel they should be helped with.


A review of the Clients Charter will be conducted twice a year. This review will be aided by a feedback gotten from the following organizational strategies:-

  • Remarketing theorganization’s Service Charter at national, provincial, district and station levels.
  • Public opinion surveys / snaps to be regularly conducted in order to assess public confidence in the organization.


The ZRP endeavors to ensure that, at all times, there is a smooth flow of communication between the organisation and its customers. Members of the public are encouraged to notify the police when they are dissatisfied with the service rendered to them in the manner outlined hereunder:-

  • Report any grievances to the Officer-In-Charge of the police station concerned;
  • If not satisfied, report to the Officer Commanding the Police District, then to the Officer Commanding Police Province and ultimately to the Commissioner General of Police at Police General Headquarters if your concern is not adequately addressed.
  • As the police who are handling cases reported, we undertake to give our clients feedback on progress of the case being investigated, upon request.
  • Upon the finalization of the case reported by our clients, we also commit ourselves to providing feedback on the outcome of all cases we would have dealt with.

Police stations, districts, provinces, sections and departments shall all display their contact details which include postal and physical addresses, direct lines, mobile phone numbers, e-mail addresses, toll free lines, whatsapp contacts at such visible signposts at the police establishments as the case may be for the convenience of the public.




Police General Headquarters,

P.O. Box CY 34, Causeway,



Police General Headquarters,

Corner 7th Street/Josiah Chinamano Avenue



General line - (0242)700171-9

Extensions to Complaints Desk - 3380/3189

Complaints Desk direct line - (0242)703631

(The Complaints Desk operates 24hours a day for 7 days)

Zimbabwe Republic Police reiterates that we remain committed to providing the most effective and efficient policing service to the public anchored on our motto - “Honesty and Integrity.”


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