Zimbabwe Republic Police’s initial participation in peacekeeping missions was in 1991 when it contributed 25 police officers to form part of a 600 strong force in the United Nations Verification Mission in Angola (UNAVEM). The team comprised of Chief Superitendent Alphinos Dzinoreva, Superintendent Alfred Ganyo, Detective Chief Inspector Sylvester Chiradza, Chief Inspector Danmore Nechishanyi, Chief Inspector Zwito Mabvure, Inspector Evans Matutu, Inspector Sebastian Chishiri, Inspector Cleopas Dzombe, Inspector Clever Chekera and Inspector Dingani Sake.

The ZRP was the only African police force in the UN force and teamed up with 23 other countries. Some of the countries that participated are France, Portugal, Soviet Union, India and Hungary. The task was to monitor the ceasefire in the war torn former Portuguese colony, while the while the war ravaged country prepared for its elections. Thus the task was to ensure that the elections were held in a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. The ZRP also assisted in the integration of the two opposing armies of MPLA and UNITA to form a single strong army of 50 000 men and women.

In 1994, five officers namely Inspector Chipore, Inspector Hwata, Inspector Mukoki, Inspector Thethe and Inspector Mberi were seconded to Somalia (UNOSOM) to train members of the Somali Police Force in Baidoa. From that time the performance of ZRP officers in the fore mentioned missions caused the United Nations to recognize ZRP as a force to reckon with in peace keeping. Subsequently, the ZRP participated in more peacekeeping assignments such as the, Darfur, Liberia, Sierra Leone, South Sudan and Timor Leste.

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