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Initial Police Training [Depot]

Depot Province is the National Initial Police Training institute comprising Morris Depot and Chikurubi Depot in Harare as well as Ntabazinduna Depot in Bulawayo. The current carrying capacity of the three training institutions is about 3600 per year. The following training programmes are conducted at Depot: -

    The two year graduate Training Programme
    Six months Recruit Training Programme
    Three months training programme for Technicians
    Induction Training Programme for Doctors

 ZRP Staff College

The Zimbabwe Republic Police Staff College is the highest institution of learning in the organisation. The College was established in 1981 in terms of the Police Act, Chapter 11:10, and also following a home study report of 1976, which assessed the possibility of running a Police Certificate or Diploma in Police Science in conjunction with a correspondence college. The College is housed in Morris Depot. The college envisions a fully-fledged police academy that offers various programmes to law enforcement agencies, locally, regionally and internationally.

It was established for the purpose of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of law enforcement officers in the Zimbabwe Republic Police by developing their administrative and operational capabilities at various levels.

Guided by these demands, the College is mandated to;

    Promote police professionalism and managerial excellence in the Zimbabwe Republic Police.
    Train all police officers and enhance their managerial, supervisory, policy formulation, implementation and evaluation skills and give them other skills which may assist them in their daily duties.
    Explore and test new and innovative ideas, by which police can keep abreast with socio-economic, scientific and technological changes.
    Carry out training of selected members and officers regardless of rank in specified courses.
    Provide a wide range of joint professional and academic research studies with a view to improve policing locally, regionally and internationally.
    Provide consultancy to force training establishments and other law enforcement agencies and
    Establish contacts with other international police and law enforcements agencies for the purpose of upgrading police professional standards.

Over the years, the college has made vast strides towards professional excellence as manifested by the range of courses on offer and curricula that are adaptive and responsive to both societal and policing waves. By so doing, the college does not lose focus of the original impetus of providing quality, relevant, cost effective, flexible, developmental and educational programmes to officers and members of the service and sister organisations.

Policing today has become dynamic as it tries to respond and adapt to the unstable global environment, changing technology, changing workforce, cultural and demographic changes. As a result the College takes pride in associating with all members of the organisation who need to learn new skills and develop new abilities, to respond to these changes in our lives, our careers and our organisation as the aphrodisiacs for enhanced performance.

The goal of the College therefore, is to improve the performance of our organisation by maximising the efficiency and performance of members of the organisation. We are going to develop our knowledge and skills, our actions and standards, our motivation attitudes and training environment so that the College remains the satellite for training excellence, not only in Zimbabwe but internationally.

Aims of the Police Staff College

In terms of the Standing Orders Volume I (1992:100) the Zimbabwe Republic Police Staff College shall: -

    Establish, maintain association/affiliation with national and international centres of learning such as the University of Zimbabwe.
    Issue nationally and internationally recognised degrees, diplomas and certificates.
    Carry out research and provide consultancy services.


To be the leading centre of training, development and academic excellence in management and policing pursued through commitment, diligence and teamwork


To provide quality, relevant, cost effective, flexible, developmental and educational programmes to law enforcement officers.


i. Identification of organisational training needs.

ii. Design of programmes that address performance gaps.

iii. Curriculum development in a dynamic environment.

iv. Source of qualified personnel to exhibit their professions.

The College is headed by a Senior Assistant Commissioner styled Principal, and is deputised by two Assistant Commissioners designated as:-

    Deputy Principal Administration,
    Deputy Principal Academics.

The College is further divided into the following departments;

    Legal Officer
    Administration and Student Affairs
    College Registrar
    Department of Management Services
    Department of Legal Studies
    Department of Adult Education
    Department of Research and Development
    Department of Police Studies and Public relations
    Department of ICT and Audio Visual


The Zimbabwe Republic Police Staff College is an associate college of the University of Zimbabwe and also an affiliate college of the Bindura University of Science Education. The College runs the following conventional programmes namely;

    Diploma in Adult Education [UZ]
    Diploma in Law [UZ]
    Diploma in Public Relations [BUSE] and,
    Diploma in Business Management [Senior Management Development Programme] [UZ].

In addition, the college runs ten other programmes tailor made for the police personnel occupying various positions within the police ranks. The courses are meant to enhance the performance of the police in their specific duties. These are;

    Public Prosecutor’s Course (6 months)
    Training Methods Certificate Course (6 months)
    Certificate in Staff Administration (3 Months)
    Senior Assistant Commissioners Seminars (2 weeks)
    Assistant Commissioners Seminars (2 weeks)
    Chief Superintendent Induction Workshop(2 weeks)
    Trial Officers Workshop (2 weeks)
    Superintendent Induction Course (4 weeks)
    Junior Officers Command Course (3 months)
    Initial Detective Course (2 months)

All the programmes have been running well since inception. To date, 453 graduands have passed through the Diploma in Adult Education, 399 have graduated with Diploma in Adult Education (Police Studies), 219 have graduated under Senior Management Development Programme and 56 graduated under Diploma in Public Relations giving a total of 1 127 graduands. The programmes have proved to be popular as they equip holders with the knowledge, skills and information needed for police functions.

Diploma in Public Relations 2012 class Graduands saluting the Guest of Honour.

Apart from running the above programmes, the college through the visionary leadership of the Commissioner General of Police, is responsible for selecting and seconding students to Bindura University of Science Education, University of Zimbabwe and Midlands State University to partake the following degree programmes;

Bindura University of Science Education

-Bachelor of Business Administration Honours Degree in Police and Security Studies [BBA-PSS].

University of Zimbabwe

-Bachelor of Laws Degree [LLBs]

Midlands State University

-Bachelor of Laws Degree [LLBs]

To qualify for the BBA-PSS programme, prospective students should meet the following selection criteria:-

    Have a minimum of at least five [5] subjects passed with grade C or better, including English Language and Mathematics at O’ Level,
    At least two A-Level passes with a grade C or better with bias towards commercial subjects.
    Have a Diploma in Police Studies or equivalent.
    Have served in the Police Service for a minimum of ten years and with a clean record of service.

For the LLBs programme, one should satisfy the following entry requirements;

    Have a minimum of at least five [5] subjects passed with grade C or better, including English Language and Mathematics at O’ Level,
    At least two A-Level passes with a grade C or better with bias towards art subjects.

Have a Diploma in law or equivalent.

    Have served in the Police Service for a minimum of ten years and with a clean record of service.

To date a total of 266 police officers have graduated with the Bachelor of Business Administration Honours Degree in Police and Security Studies while 4 have graduated with the Bachelor of Laws Degree.

The Police Staff College is also set to offer its first bachelor’s degree programme in business studies in 2015.


The training centre is an extension of the Police staff College.

It is responsible for offering the following courses;

  •     Junior Officers Command Course (JOCC) for Chief Inspectors and Inspectors .
  •     Sergeant Major’s Induction Course

The duration of the courses is 4 weeks and subjects on offer includes a wide spectrum of police literature and the history of Zimbabwe. The courses are undoubtedly contributing positively and extensively to the participants’ professional growth.

 JOCC 1/2015 attending a lecture at Buchwa 


Professional Updating Centres are mandated with the responsibility of ensuring that quality of training of non commissioned police officers in the respective police provinces is sustained. The Police Staff College maintains a bird’s eye view on the operations of the Professional Updating Centres. The courses offered include Public Order Training, Station Tutorship, Docket Management, and Sergeants Induction Programmes.


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