The dedication tower that was recently declared a national monument was commissioned by His Excellency, the then President Mugabe

His Excellency, the then  President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Head of State and Government and Commander-In-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe has commissioned Morris Training Depot dedication tower that was recently declared a national monument.

The dedication tower was declared a national monument through Statutory Instrument No 4 of 2017 by the Ministry of Rural Development, Promotion and Preservation of National Culture and Heritage.

Speaking at the commissioning ceremony soon after the graduation parade of 593 police officers at Morris Training Depot, President Mugabe commended the Commissioner General of Police, Cde, Dr Augustine Chihuri for coming out with such initiatives of preserving the history of our struggle.

The national monument replaced the memorial pillar that was constructed and unveiled in March 1921 in honour of Captain James Kinnard Blatherwick of the British South African Police (BSAP).

“I want to thank you and the whole organisation, our Police Force for having conceived this initiative that the government supports.

“I feel tongue-tied and my heart is, certainly moved by this idea translated and transformed into concrete substance depicting a number of, shall I say, historical phenomena. Yes, first and foremost, a dedication to our struggle and speaks of our struggle and goes much further since our history also predicated on the struggles that our ancestors and liberation we know of the second Chimurenga but that our ancestors had fought previously and overall struggle country wide to liberate themselves, which was a struggle to liberate us.

“So it speaks of our overall history, the history of our struggle put together, that of our ancestors and that of our own,” said Cde Mugabe.

In a brief presentation to His Excellency before he was invited to commission the dedication tower, Assistant Inspector Faith Kaseke chronicled the reasons why such important monuments were constructed in the police’s training institutions.

“In realisation of full sovereignty and to unshackle the remnants of colonialism, the ZRP, under the leadership of the Commissioner General of Police, Cde,Dr Augustine Chihuri, decided to pull down the Blatherwick memorial pillar, which had conspicuously stood over a lengthy period of time in celebration of the colonialists’s conquest in the first Chimurenga,” she said.

She said unlike the memorial pillar of Blatherwick, the national monument was meant to honour and celebrate the majority rule and was in recognition of the service rendered by all men and women living or departed.

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