Constable Brighton Nyandoro of Support Unit Alpha troop recently escaped death by a whisker after he was attacked by a buffalo at Hwange National Park in Matebeleland North Province.

Speaking from his home where he was recuperating, Constable Nyandoro said tragedy struck while he was in the company of two rangers from Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority. While on their daily patrols in Mandiseka area at Hwange National Park, a buffalo emerged from the nearby bush less than 10 metres away and violently charged at them.

The team scurried in different directions but the buffalo pursued him and he was shoved against trees. Constable Nyandoro then placed himself between the trees where the buffalo had minimum access to him.

The raging buffalo continued attacking him from every angle possible and managed to access his right side of the stomach and his right leg causing severe injuries in the process.

“The buffalo continued attacking me for about five minutes and I maintained my position between the trees knowing that the moment that I move from the trees, I was finished. The buffalo must have noticed that it was not getting anywhere with the attack and turned on its own and went away,” said Constable Nyandoro.

He said, his counterparts returned after the buffalo had left and carried him to the base. They had to climb trees to access network to call for assistance since his condition was deteriorating.

“I was vomiting blood and could not walk. Talking became difficult since pain began coming from every part of my body and help seemed to be taking too long to come by,” narrated Constable Nyandoro.

“I was then rushed to Hwange General Hospital for treatment where I was immediately referred to Mpilo Hospital for further treatment,” he said.

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority Regional Manager for Western Region Mr Samson Chibaya said Constable Nyandoro’s case was one of the numerous unfortunate incidents that occur around the parks in the country.

Operation Nhaka Yedu has been very helpful in combating poaching activities in our parks although the security of our personnel on the ground has become a major concern. They face danger not only from the poachers, but also from the animals they will be protecting. All animals have a potential to cause problems besides those that are already known to wreak havoc on humans,” said Mr Chibaya.

He said government was going to acquire modern technological equipments such as drones for the surveillance of the vast parks and lessen the risk to human life.

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