The Police Staff College will starting next year offer degree programmes among its vast courses that are offered by the college, a senior officer has revealed.

In her welcome remarks at a recent graduation ceremony at the college, the Police Staff College Principal, Senior   Assistant Commissioner, Dr Angeline Guvamombe said starting next year the college will offer degree programmes after they were granted a go ahead by its associate, University of Zimbabwe.

“The year 2018 ushered in a new dispensation of academic excellence, as the college moved up a step further to a degree granting institution in affiliation with the University of Zimbabwe. The programmes are aimed at enhancing the competences of our police officers in forensic investigations, policing cybercrimes and crimes against morality which have become topical among others.

“These degree programmes and other traditional programmes are also intended to enhance the expertise of police officers in the implementation of national policies,” she said.

The degree programmes set to run in the coming year are the Bachelor of Adult Education (Honours) Degree in Police Studies (BAdEd.Hons.PS) and Bachelor of Business Studies (Honours) Degree in Policing Management (BBS. Hons-PM).

Senior Assistant Commissioner, DrGuvamombe said the college has established a state of the art e-library that will ensure that student are up to date with any developments in the academic field.

“In an endeavour to enhance the quality of research work by both lecturers and students, the college established an e-library with subscribed e-resources accessed through a dedicated internet WIFI facility which aids swift access to a pool of academic literature sources. The college is in the process of developing its own website to ensure ease of doing business as an academic institution. The College has upped the security of its library and has acquired and installed an electronic security system,” said SAC, DrGuvamombe.

The graduation ceremony comprised of 439 (305 males and 134 females) graduands who received Certificates in Training Methods (78), Public Prosecution (84), Staff Administration (63), Diplomas in Adult Education (54), Business Management (38) and Law (119).

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