Strong bilateral working relations between the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and Zambia Police Service (ZPS) continues to yield more results. Recently, Officer-In-Charge ZRP Binga, Chief Inspector Cyprian Mukahanana and his team travelled to Maamba Police station in Zambia where they were handed over two motor cycles and a generator that were allegedly stolen from Zimbabwe.

Speaking to The Outpost, Chief Inspector Mukahanana said he was accompanied by a team of police officers and detectives from ZRP Binga. They were also accompanied by four complainants who went on to positively identify their property.

“The property, that is two motor cycles and a generator were allegedly stolen in Binga. When we received a message from our counter parts at Maamba Police station in Zambia, we then took the complainants for identification of the recovered property,” said Chief Inspector Mukahanana.

“Two motor cycles were positively identified by Bdaido Ndlovu who represented Basilwizi Trust, a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) and Charles Mugande from the Ministry of Health and Child Care.

We verified engine and chasis numbers through registration books. We could not recover the third motor cycle as the complainant Gift Ekemu from Lakeview Lodge failed to produce a corresponding registration. We however advised him to find the registration book for us to be able to bring the motor cycle back home,” added Chief Inspector Mukahanana.

Though Mr Ekemu failed to recover the motor cycle which he had identified through its registration numbers, make and colours he went on recover a Kipor generator.

Though the culprits are still at large, Chief Inspector Mukahanana said the recovery of the property has boosted their relationship with the Binga community who applauded the good work that is being done by ZPS Maamba and ZRP Binga.

“Policing an international frontier is not easy if you do not work together with your counter parts on the side of the border. As a result of this recovery, our community here in Binga is happy and it has boosted their confidence towards our work,” said Chief Inspector Mukahanana.

Officer-In-Charge CID Maamba in Zambia, Detective Inspector Martin Chingumbe also commended the strong bilateral relations between the ZRP and ZPS.

“So far so good. We will continue to work hand in glove so that we help each other fight transnational crime,” said Detective Inspector Chingumbe.

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