PRESS STATEMENT                                                                        1 APRIL 2022



The Security Services of Zimbabwe are concerned with reports of rampant smuggling at the country’s borders, coupled with accusations of corruption by some deployed members of the services at Beitbridge Border Post.

The Security Services therefore categorically state that, any member who engages in corruption will be arrested without fear or favour as shown on a recent incident where seventeen (17) members of the Security Services were arrested and arraigned before the courts.

We warn bus operators, truck drivers, omalayitsha, clearing agents or any other person who initiate acts of corruption that they are equally liable and will be arrested. Transporters and clearing agents are expected to lead by example and shun acts of corruption and enticing of members of the Security Services through corrupt tendencies.

The Security Services express their most profound gratitude to the public including bus operators and others who have continued to report cases of corruption at the country’s points of entry and exit.  

The public is strongly encouraged to report all incidents of corruption to ZRP National Complaints Desk on 0242 – 703631 or WhatsApp 0712800197 for swift action to be taken by authorities.


(Nyathi. P) Assistant Commissioner

Senior Staff Officer [Press, Public and Int. Relations]

tothe Commissioner General of Police

Zimbabwe Republic Police

The Zimbabwe Republic Police clarifies and sets the record straight on security arrangements and the holding of political rallies in view of the current campaigns by parties and aspiring candidates for the scheduled Bye-Elections set for March 26, 2022.

Firstly, it is the responsibility of a convener to notify the local regulating authority who is the Officer Commanding a Police District, of the intention to hold a rally in line with provisions of the Maintenance of Peace and Order Act (MOPA), Chapter 11:23.

It is not just a case of notification, the convener has a responsibility to discuss and agree on the security and safety measures to be availed at the rally for the benefit of the public and the community in general.

Sadly, the police has noted with concern that some political parties are adopting a confrontational approach when notifying the regulating authorities on their intended rallies.

We are also concerned that some of the conveners and their legal advisors are resorting to communicating wrong information to their supporters and also using social media to post communication details with the Police without exhausting all the legal remedies provided for under the Maintenance of Peace and Order Act (MOPA), Chapter 11:23.


In the case of Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC)’s Marondera rally it is clear that the convener had not complied with relevant provisions of MOPA and was duly advised by the regulating authority, however the convener and their lawyers insisted that the rally will go ahead while at the same time a court process was in motion at the High Court and subsequently at the local Magistrate Court after Justice Mungwari had ruled that the CCC convener had to exhaust all the domestic legal remedies provided under MOPA before holding a rally. This is on record.

However, on the ground, the convener had already mobilized CCC supporters to gather without sanctioning and conclusion of the court proceedings. The Police has a constitutional responsibility to ensure that all the country’s laws are observed and complied with. In this case the rally could not be sanctioned without the due processes being followed.

It is sad that some political parties are resorting to acts which clearly show that they are not observing law and are acting as a law onto themselves.


The Zimbabwe Republic Police will not compromise on security and safety of the public and expect political party conveners to lead by example and avoid misleading the public.

In the same vein, Police reiterates that anyone holding or hosting car rallies will be arrested without fear or favour. Recently the Zimbabwe Republic Police arrested 26 suspects in Harare and Masvingo for holding car rallies while in the process they were blocking traffic, interfering with the smooth movement of the traffic and chanting slogans which include obscene language.


The Zimbabwe Republic Police will not hesitate to name and shame politicians who are clearly contravening the law. Political parties are warned against disrespecting the Police, acting as if there are no laws to be observed in the country or untouchable institutions and entities.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police is ready to ensure that the forthcoming   Bye-elections are held in a peaceful environment. Therefore any form of lawlessness by individuals, groups or political parties will not be tolerated.


The law will be applied without fear or favour


(NYATHI. P) Assistant Commissioner

Senior Staff Officer (Press, Public and Int. Relations)

to the Commissioner General of Police

Police General Headquarters

Zimbabwe Republic Police’s training and development continues to reap benefits as more police officers acquire higher qualifications. The recent 24th graduation of National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Bulawayo saw four police officers graduating with Master of Science Degrees in Disaster Management.

This was the first batch of police officers to graduate with such a qualification. They were among 2 507 graduates who were capped by the University’s Chancellor, President Emmerson Mnangagwa recently.

The four police officers are Superintendent Solomon Mbimbi of ZRP Staff College, Inspector Clapton Tinovonga Chidavaenzi who is the Officer-In-Charge ZRP Matapi, Assistant Inspector Moses Sibungu of Police General Headquarters Training and Development and Sergeant Tatenda Chiutsi from ZRP Ntabazinduna Training Depot.

Speaking to The Outpost soon after graduating, Assistant Inspector Sibungu said the programme was relevant to police duties as police officers are the first in any disaster. He appealed for the programme to be cascaded to other members so that they gain more knowledge on how to manage disaster situations.

“I want to thank the Commissioner General of Police Tandabantu Godwin Matanga for affording us this opportunity to further our studies at this institution. I personally found the program very empowering as we play a pivotal role in the management of natural, manmade or technological, disasters,” said Assistant Inspector Sibungu.

“It is my appeal that the course be rolled out to other police officers so that they gain more knowledge on how to manage disasters. Myself being with the training department I will play my part to ensure that what I leant is infused to our curriculums so that I help my fellow colleagues,” added Assistant Inspector Sibungu.

NUST course coordinator for Disaster Management, Dr Edson Munsaka echoed similar sentiments and added that ZRP officers and members need to be highly skilled on how to deal with disasters as they are often deployed to United Nations peacekeeping missions where they face far more disastrous environments.

“In my view, in order to improve knowledge, skills and effectiveness, the ZRP officers should be among the beneficiaries of this important course. Besides being local respondents to disaster scenes, police officers are often seconded to UN peacekeeping missions where they are at times deployed in hostile and disastrous environments where disaster management skills become more necessary,” said Dr Munsaka.

The graduation ceremony also saw President Mnangagwa being installed NUST Chancellor while Professor Mqhele Dlodlo was installed the institution’s Vice Chancellor. In his remarks President Mnangagwa urged graduands to contribute positively to the socio-economic transformation agenda.

“As Chancellor I call upon all graduands to pursue endeavours which probably contribute to the socio-economic transformation agenda in our country. You have been academically empowered with knowledge and skills, play your part in building the Second Republic,” said President Mnangagwa.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police through its Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and the Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on cooperation in areas of software enhancement and staff development between the two institutions.

The partnership is expected to break new ground as the university will assist ZRP to develop and deploy robust software systems in areas such as scenes of crime, Central Criminal Bureau, Forensic Science Laboratory, Cyber Laboratory Criminal Intelligence Unit, just to mention, but a few. This will increase efficiency and minimise time taken in carrying out some tasks such as investigation of cyber crimes by the law enforcement agency.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Deputy Commissioner General (Crime), Stephen Mutamba, who was the guest of honour implored police officers to embrace the partnership as it will go a long way in ensuring that police are not only relevant, but a step ahead in the digital society.

“It is prudent for me to highlight that we are policing a 21st century society where rapid technological advancements have become the order of the day. I therefore urge all police officers to fully embrace this milestone partnership as it will go a long way in ensuring that we remain not only relevant but also a step ahead in this digital society,” said DCG Mutamba.        

He added, “As a law enforcement agency, we also envisage a scenario whereby we are able to fully utilise modern ICTs and artificial intelligence in all facets of crime management…….This MoU commits us to work together more closely towards our common goal of making the ZRP technology compliant and indeed, our country, Zimbabwe, crime free.”

The signing of the MoU is timely as it comes at a time when the government is working on cyber bill to curb computer related crimes that are increasingly becoming a threat to the security and moral values of the nation.

Currently, the Zimbabwe Republic Police is grappling with technical challenges in gathering evidence on cyber crime and other sophisticated cases as criminals are manipulating advances in technology to broaden and perpetuate delinquencies in a complex manner.

Harare Institute of Technology Pro-Vice chancellor, Dr Maxwell Chanakira said keeping abreast of rapid developments in digital and cyber space is indispensable and commended ZRP for taking step in the right direction.

“I believe for us to keep abreast of rapidly changing world, we need to remain cognisant of such developments in the digital and cyber space, and craft new strategies to embrace such technologies. We need to understand their nature, existence and transformation; as well as circumvent any threat at both institutional and national level.

“We are pleased that the Zimbabwe Republic Police recognises new developments in the area of digital and cyber security. Your joining us in these collaborative endeavours attests to the significant role and premise that you place on these matters,” he said.

Harare Institute of Technology was established in 1988 and has over time evolved into a technical college. It started offering degree courses in 2005 and today it boasts of being the only university with a department of information and security assurance, offering programmes in the topical and important areas of cyber security, digital forensic among others.

Strong bilateral working relations between the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and Zambia Police Service (ZPS) continues to yield more results. Recently, Officer-In-Charge ZRP Binga, Chief Inspector Cyprian Mukahanana and his team travelled to Maamba Police station in Zambia where they were handed over two motor cycles and a generator that were allegedly stolen from Zimbabwe.

Speaking to The Outpost, Chief Inspector Mukahanana said he was accompanied by a team of police officers and detectives from ZRP Binga. They were also accompanied by four complainants who went on to positively identify their property.

“The property, that is two motor cycles and a generator were allegedly stolen in Binga. When we received a message from our counter parts at Maamba Police station in Zambia, we then took the complainants for identification of the recovered property,” said Chief Inspector Mukahanana.

“Two motor cycles were positively identified by Bdaido Ndlovu who represented Basilwizi Trust, a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) and Charles Mugande from the Ministry of Health and Child Care.

We verified engine and chasis numbers through registration books. We could not recover the third motor cycle as the complainant Gift Ekemu from Lakeview Lodge failed to produce a corresponding registration. We however advised him to find the registration book for us to be able to bring the motor cycle back home,” added Chief Inspector Mukahanana.

Though Mr Ekemu failed to recover the motor cycle which he had identified through its registration numbers, make and colours he went on recover a Kipor generator.

Though the culprits are still at large, Chief Inspector Mukahanana said the recovery of the property has boosted their relationship with the Binga community who applauded the good work that is being done by ZPS Maamba and ZRP Binga.

“Policing an international frontier is not easy if you do not work together with your counter parts on the side of the border. As a result of this recovery, our community here in Binga is happy and it has boosted their confidence towards our work,” said Chief Inspector Mukahanana.

Officer-In-Charge CID Maamba in Zambia, Detective Inspector Martin Chingumbe also commended the strong bilateral relations between the ZRP and ZPS.

“So far so good. We will continue to work hand in glove so that we help each other fight transnational crime,” said Detective Inspector Chingumbe.

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