The Zimbabwean Contingent has returned home after spending two weeks participating in the Southern African Development Community Command Post Exercise (CPX) Ex-Umodzi, held at Malawi Armed Forces College (MAFCO), about 120km from the capital, Lilongwe.

CPX-Umodzi was meant to test Mission Leadership, Command and Management including critical staff complements’ preparedness for Rapid Deployment Capability under the auspices of the African Union peace support operations. SADC will assume the African Union Peace Support Operation duty roaster in January to June 2019. Hence, the exercise was organised to assess the planning capabilities and evaluate coherence and integration of the SADC Standby Force before it can be deployed to any mission.

The Zimbabwean contingent had officers and members drawn from the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Zimbabwe Republic Police, Prison and Correctional Services, and civilians from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, as well as, the Ministry of Justice and Parliamentary Affairs.

Participants for CPX-Umodzi were drawn from 12 SADC countries, namely; Angola, Botswana, DRC, Eswatini, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The member states which did not send troops are the four island countries; Madagascar, Mauritius, Comoros and Seychelles.

The CPX-Umodzi was based on a simulation of a real peacekeeping mission scenario. It was designed to test the planning, integration, coherence and adherence of SADC SF to the African Union’s Standard Operating Procedures. The three components of the SADC SF comprising of the military, police, and civilian component were put together and different scenarios created to test decision making in a multidimensional peacekeeping operation at a fictitious country, called Kunta in Tandadzi region.

The exercise tested the Operational Level structures of the Mission, validated the actions at Tactical level with the Strategic Framework in the (Exercise Mission) mandate. The exercise had specific structures like the Mission Headquarters, Rapid Deployment Centre serving as the start up force for the African Standby Force (ASF) and the Military, Police and Civilian Headquarters.


The SADC Standby Force intervention was firstly based on Level 6 (Peace Enforcement), which involved the rapid deployment of the military to stabilise the situation.

The police and civilian components then followed on Level 5 for a

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The Zimbabwe National Sevens Rugby Team has opened doors for Innocent Tendai Nyatsanza (24), who has been part of the ensemble since last year.

Nyatsanza, stationed at Glen Norah Police in Harare is currently part of the camping team preparing for the Sevens Rugby World Cup to be held in San Francisco in the United States of America this July.

For Nyatsanza the dramatic rise has come barely three years after being introduced to the sport while in Depot during his training.

He has gone on to work on his game in a very short space of time to attract the interest of national team coaches something that has given him the urge to work harder.

The Outpost recently spoke to the police rugby talent on the sidelines of the recently ended Commissioner General of Police Sports Gala where he spoke on his journey to stardom.

“I wanted to pursue rugby while at school but our school did not have facilities then and because of my body, many people always encouraged me to take up the sport. I came face to face with the sport when I joined the police in July 2014.

My first week in Depot I met Valentine Nkiwane a renowned police rugby player and asked me if I had played rugby before. I told him I had never played it and he told me that he wanted me to play rugby. From that period he became my coach, mentor and inspiration,” said the former Mandedza High School student.

That was the beginning of his rugby journey which has seen him representing the country.

While in Depot for a year, Nyatsanza played at the Commissioner General’s Sports Gala representing Depot Province and won gold on two occasions. After graduation, he was posted to Harare province and joined the Police Defenders which is in the National Rugby League.

“At Police Defenders, I was introduced to the new concept of rugby, the fifteens rugby after having been introduced to the sevens rugby while in Depot. It took time for me to adjust and spent the better part of the year as a bench warmer.”

But 2017 brought new fortunes for the young man who

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Only two days after burying his brother, with no cash and suffocating in debt, Detective Constable Shameful Nyamudzongwa met one of the tempting situations in life.

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID), National Fingerprints Bureau (NFB) based detective picked up a purse at a bus stop along Samora Machel Avenue.

He alerted a fellow female police officer who had just disembarked off a commuter omnibus. To his surprise, the fellow police officer disowned the purse and soon he realised it was lost property.

Upon searching, he discovered that there was cash inside - $100-00 – in ten United States dollar notes.

Was this a gift from the gods? No. His sixth sense told him that the owner of the purse might be nearby and trying to locate their belongings.

Detective Constable Shameful Nyamudzongwa then took the purse to his workplace where he handed over the wallet and all its contents to his Officer-In-Charge, Detective Inspector Senzeni Tandani.

The national identity card and a Mukuru withdrawal slip, which had a phone number, were also found inside the purse. This later became the positive lead to the owner of the purse, Ms Debra Tembedza.

“When I discovered that I had lost the purse on my way to work, I just thought if the Kombi crew had not seen it, I had lost this one for good. The call from police was just like a dream,” explained the ecstatic Ms Tembedza whilst receiving her purse.

Inspector Tandani praised the young detective for his exemplary behaviour and said his action will go a long way in sprucing up the image of the police service.

Fourteen Zimbabwe Republic Police officers deployed to the United Nations Peacekeeping mission in Darfur (UNAMID), were recently awarded with UN Service peace medals, at a colourful ceremony held at El-Fasher, Sudan.

The award ceremony coincided with the contingent’s commemoration of Zimbabwe’s Independence day. Senior government officials deployed in the Darfur region, notably Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to Sudan, Her Excellency, Honourable Hilda Suka-Mafudze, UNAMID Mission Chief of Staff, Mr Luke Mhlaba and Police Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner Priscilla Makotose also attended the ceremony.

Speaking during the event, UNAMID Force Commander, Lieutenant General Leonard Muriuki Ngondi from Kenya said acknowledging the selfless service of police officers through holding ceremonies such as the medal parades, was a key ingredient for enhancing, energising and sustaining their exceptional work.

He said the ceremony gave credence to excellence of teamwork.

“It is the consorted and concerted efforts of the Zimbabwean men and women that has made this day possible. The shiny accolades they have received today are an unmistakable insignia of their profound dedication to duty, professionalism and their immeasurable contribution to the sustenance of world peace.

“Your individual and collective efforts have no doubt enhanced the safety and security of civilians in the Darfur region. Consequently, UNAMID and the UN recognise and greatly appreciate your contribution towards this cause. We are proud to be associated with you,” he said.

Zimbabwe has sent various contingents

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There is a name that is pronounced in the same order of rank with the word ‘success’ at ZRP High School. It is that of one unassuming young man who believes God created him to be an emissary of science to humanity for the beneficiary of mankind especially in this generation.

McDonald Tawanda Chirara an upper sixth form science student studying Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics might have discovered the answer tomany rural folk cry, that of having electricity for lighting and other household needs.

The young scientist has come up with an innovation that is set to transform many communities in Zimbabwe and Africa as a continent.

The ground breaking innovation electricity from water hyacinth enhanced biogas production.

Household electricity generation by enhancement of bio gas production from solid waste such as left over sadza, cow dung and all other biodegradable household waste using water hyacinth.

In an interview with this publication Chirara said it was after intense research and experiments that he discovered that modern bio-gas digesters are not being used to their full potential particularly in the output of energy per unit time.

“This project could be the answer to the energy situation in most rural areas in Zimbabwe where three quarters of rural folk do not have access to electricity owing to internal generation shortfalls.  The use of firewood is not eco friendly,” he added.

The bio-gas produced is directed to a thermal unit where the electricity generation occurs, thus creating a device that can be used to power LED lights and other electrical requirements.

The project is using readily available cow dung and organic kitchen waste from the school farm and school kitchen respectively.

Speaking to The Outpost, Chirara said his project could be improved.

“I see science as the greatest thing humanity has discovered, I love researching about science to better lives,” he said.

Chirara’s research has seen him rub shoulders with the best scientific brains in Africa.

“My first exhibition was at district level at a science fair held at Mount Pleasant High School. It was quite a difficult moment for me, as I was not able to fully express myself and I was jittery at this fair.

From the District fair, Chirara then exhibited at National level where he earned himself a ticket to represent the country at a science fair in South Africa, which had more than one thousand exhibitors drawn across Africa.

“Some projects were

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