Greetings to you all. It has been long since we last met in this column. As we are in the rainy season, it is paramount that we set our minds ready to meet the driving challenges awaiting us in this period. This article will focus on the challenges that we might face when driving during the wet period that may trick us into accidents.


Always be a defensive driver

Have you ever been involved in an accident? How often are you involved? If yes, ask yourself this question: is there anything I could reasonably have done to prevent that accident? If there were one or more reasonable options available to prevent the accident, then that accident was a preventable accident.

Defensive drivers should avoid the occurrence of preventable accidents. Only non-preventable accidents may occur in some circumstances but, it is very important to note that an accident is a total loss unless something useful is learnt from it. Whether preventable or non-preventable, killing yourself or another person in an accident is a total loss because life is never replaceable. If you survive the accident, the trauma of killing another person is a life eyesore.

The loss of property in an accident, hospital bill, civil suits and other costs emanating from an accident are sometimes unbearable. It is therefore good to take heed of such columns like this one and make yourself a learning being to stay long on the road.

Some drivers are more costly than others in the way they drive. Look at the vehicle that you usually drive. If we were to write the names of drivers who caused a dent, scratch or damage on that part of the vehicle, how would the vehicle be looking like in relation to your driving errors?

Whether it is rainy or not the driver’s mindset should always be in a defensive mood. That means setting your mind to driving to prevent the occurrence of any accident in spite of the incorrect actions or others and the presence of adverse driving conditions. There are at least six driving conditions that might adversely affect our driving. These conditions are light, weather, road, traffic vehicle and you the driver.

Today we will focus on weather condition and concentrate on rain as it adversely affect us as we approach the rainy season.


Early rains

More often we realise that there is a significant rise in road accident statistics at the onset of the rainy season. This does not necessarily require heavy rains to cause accidents. Let’s look at what really happens. Throughout the dry season different types of vehicles use the road surface with ease. Some vehicles drop some lubricants such as oil, grease and even fuel on the road surface especially on tarred surfaces. When the first rains come, the stained road surface becomes more slippery than any other period of the year. The driver should have this in mind so as to adjust speed and braking distances. Usually pile-up kind of accidents occur

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His Excellency, the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has called upon the people of Zimbabwe to respect police officers as they discharge their constitutional mandate.

Cde Mnangagwa made the call while he was addressing police officers and guests during a graduation parade of 617 police recruits at Morris Depot green square.

“I encourage the public at every level, to respect the authority of the police as borne out of the Constitution and critical partner to law enforcement and state security architecture. I equally encourage the public to be forthcoming in reporting crimes of all form and types at every level. In the Second Republic, there are no sacred cows. No one is above the law. Our laws will be enforced without fear or favour,” he said.

The call by President Mnangagwa comes at time the organisation is on a rigorous rebranding exercise following tarnished image as a result of the way police were conducting themselves. The public outcry on the police behaviour before the new dispensation resulted in the police losing public trust and respect.

President Mnangagwa also said his government was committed to equip the Zimbabwe Republic Police with modern equipment in order to enhance its capability in the fight against well coordinated criminal syndicates.

“Government recognises the need to urgently address the critical resource challenges in our police service in the discharge of their duties. Notably, we are aware of the current challenges being experienced by the ZRP for traffic law enforcement, primarily due to increasing volumes of vehicles on our roads across the country.

“Government is committed to support ZRP to acquire modern, advanced training, investigation and crime detecting and monitoring capability. We must modernize ZRP to be technologically savvy, responsive and robust in view of the well coordinated criminal syndicates who manipulate current trends,” said Cde Mnangagwa.

Meanwhile, President Mnangagwa has commended the ZRP for their professionalism in maintaining peace during this year’s polls and for raising the national flag high in peacekeeping mission operations.

“I wish to commend the Zimbabwe Republic Police for distinguishing itself wel

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The Zimbabwe Republic Police recently hosted a Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Co-operation Organisation (SARPCCO) workshop on Curriculum Development and Evaluation of Training in Morris Depot Harare. The aim of the workshop was to develop a uniform curriculum that will help enhance cohesion and effective policing standards for the region.

Representatives for the workshop were drawn from the Republic of South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mauritius, Zambia and host country Zimbabwe.

In his remarks, Commissioner Training and Development, Commissoner Dr Eric Magejo emphasised the need for police officers to exchange ideas and develop networks for the good of the region.

“There is a growing awareness to develop the curriculum that will cope with the rapid growth of Information and Communication Technologies. The police chiefs have entrusted the future of the SARPCCO programme into your hands and to develop competence among our police officers,” he said.

The senior officer added that identifying training needs and proffering remedies should be a continuous process which must be informed by scientific research. He challenged participants to give their best in scrutinising the SARPCCO curricular and to draft an improved blueprint that would be ratified by the Service Chiefs in their next meeting.

The Outpost also learnt that the review of the curriculum was necessitated by short comings noted during joint operations, where member states often revert to their domestic systems, thus creating conflict on way forward in terms of the standard procedure.

Chief Superintendent Shepherd Madhiko (Staff Officer Training and Development at Police General Headquarters) who was part of the curriculum development experts said it was essential to synchronise standards of identifying training needs and conducting evaluations.

“The whole idea is premised on the assumption and belief that before any training session can be conducted, there should be a process called Training Needs Analysis. We must be able to identify the deficiencies prompting particular training to be conducted. In this regard, training becomes a change factor. After the training has been conducted, we must also measure and establish whether we have met the objectives,” he said.

The Police Staff College will starting next year offer degree programmes among its vast courses that are offered by the college, a senior officer has revealed.

In her welcome remarks at a recent graduation ceremony at the college, the Police Staff College Principal, Senior   Assistant Commissioner, Dr Angeline Guvamombe said starting next year the college will offer degree programmes after they were granted a go ahead by its associate, University of Zimbabwe.

“The year 2018 ushered in a new dispensation of academic excellence, as the college moved up a step further to a degree granting institution in affiliation with the University of Zimbabwe. The programmes are aimed at enhancing the competences of our police officers in forensic investigations, policing cybercrimes and crimes against morality which have become topical among others.

“These degree programmes and other traditional programmes are also intended to enhance the expertise of police officers in the implementation of national policies,” she said.

The degree programmes set to run in the coming year are the Bachelor of Adult Education (Honours) Degree in Police Studies (BAdEd.Hons.PS) and Bachelor of Business Studies (Honours) Degree in Policing Management (BBS. Hons-PM).

Senior Assistant Commissioner, DrGuvamombe said the college has established a state of the art e-library that will ensure that student are up to date with any developments in the academic field.

“In an endeavour to enhance the quality of research work by both lecturers and students, the college established an e-library with subscribed e-resources accessed through a dedicated internet WIFI facility which aids swift access to a pool of academic literature sources. The college is in the process of developing its own website to ensure ease of doing business as an academic institution. The College has upped the security of its library and has acquired and installed an electronic security system,” said SAC, DrGuvamombe.

The graduation ceremony comprised of 439 (305 males and 134 females) graduands who received Certificates in Training Methods (78), Public Prosecution (84), Staff Administration (63), Diplomas in Adult Education (54), Business Management (38) and Law (119).

Highflying Zimbabwe Republic Police martial artist Wilfred Mashaya was recently crowned and presented with the 2018 International Master of the Year Award during a ceremony hosted by the city of Podgorico in Montenegro.


The award becomes the third high-profile international accolade to be claimed by the pint sized but talented Morris Depot cop. Mashaya’s first major achievement was the 2017 Russia Gold Medal Award, which he scooped, becoming the first African to win the World Kubudo Championship. His second honour was the 2018 Barcelona Hall of Honours award that was presented to him in Spain.


While in Montenegro, Mashaya was the only African representative who attended a ten-day training seminar on security, self-defence and Ninjitsu that drew about 120 participants from all over the world. Predrag Lazrevick; the 15th Dan Ninjutsu, highest-level expert was the host and trainer.


After the seminar, Mashaya took part in an exhibition and was adjudged the Best Participant at the Third Humanitarian World Festival of Martial Arts overcoming a host of other athletes from Germany, Serbia, Portugal, United States of America, Bosnian Herzegovina, France, hosts Montenegro among others. The festival presented a platform on which a total of 40 participants were afforded an opportunity to showcase martial arts styles and skills in Kubudo, Karate, Ninjitsu and self-defence.


He believes the sky is not the limit but the beginning of great things to come.

“At first in 2016, the environment was frightening but now used to the situation. The good thing is that Martial Arts unify people and each time we converge for a tournament, we are now more of brothers and sisters. Some call me by my first name while others Zimbabwe.

My wish is to work even harder and continue winning accolades for the country while promoting the sport was once a preserve for whites mainly from Asia, Europe and America locally and in the entirety of the African continent”, said Mashaya

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