Only two days after burying his brother, with no cash and suffocating in debt, Detective Constable Shameful Nyamudzongwa met one of the tempting situations in life.

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID), National Fingerprints Bureau (NFB) based detective picked up a purse at a bus stop along Samora Machel Avenue.

He alerted a fellow female police officer who had just disembarked off a commuter omnibus. To his surprise, the fellow police officer disowned the purse and soon he realised it was lost property.

Upon searching, he discovered that there was cash inside - $100-00 – in ten United States dollar notes.

Was this a gift from the gods? No. His sixth sense told him that the owner of the purse might be nearby and trying to locate their belongings.

Detective Constable Shameful Nyamudzongwa then took the purse to his workplace where he handed over the wallet and all its contents to his Officer-In-Charge, Detective Inspector Senzeni Tandani.

The national identity card and a Mukuru withdrawal slip, which had a phone number, were also found inside the purse. This later became the positive lead to the owner of the purse, Ms Debra Tembedza.

“When I discovered that I had lost the purse on my way to work, I just thought if the Kombi crew had not seen it, I had lost this one for good. The call from police was just like a dream,” explained the ecstatic Ms Tembedza whilst receiving her purse.

Inspector Tandani praised the young detective for his exemplary behaviour and said his action will go a long way in sprucing up the image of the police service.

There is a name that is pronounced in the same order of rank with the word ‘success’ at ZRP High School. It is that of one unassuming young man who believes God created him to be an emissary of science to humanity for the beneficiary of mankind especially in this generation.

McDonald Tawanda Chirara an upper sixth form science student studying Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics might have discovered the answer tomany rural folk cry, that of having electricity for lighting and other household needs.

The young scientist has come up with an innovation that is set to transform many communities in Zimbabwe and Africa as a continent.

The ground breaking innovation electricity from water hyacinth enhanced biogas production.

Household electricity generation by enhancement of bio gas production from solid waste such as left over sadza, cow dung and all other biodegradable household waste using water hyacinth.

In an interview with this publication Chirara said it was after intense research and experiments that he discovered that modern bio-gas digesters are not being used to their full potential particularly in the output of energy per unit time.

“This project could be the answer to the energy situation in most rural areas in Zimbabwe where three quarters of rural folk do not have access to electricity owing to internal generation shortfalls.  The use of firewood is not eco friendly,” he added.

The bio-gas produced is directed to a thermal unit where the electricity generation occurs, thus creating a device that can be used to power LED lights and other electrical requirements.

The project is using readily available cow dung and organic kitchen waste from the school farm and school kitchen respectively.

Speaking to The Outpost, Chirara said his project could be improved.

“I see science as the greatest thing humanity has discovered, I love researching about science to better lives,” he said.

Chirara’s research has seen him rub shoulders with the best scientific brains in Africa.

“My first exhibition was at district level at a science fair held at Mount Pleasant High School. It was quite a difficult moment for me, as I was not able to fully express myself and I was jittery at this fair.

From the District fair, Chirara then exhibited at National level where he earned himself a ticket to represent the country at a science fair in South Africa, which had more than one thousand exhibitors drawn across Africa.

“Some projects were

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Beat patrol, a tried and tested policing strategy world over and whose philosophy is grounded on crime prevention, has now been launched in Harare Province.

“Walking the beat allows for greater observation and interaction with the people,” said Commissioner General of Police, Cde Tandabantu Godwin Matanga whilst launching the Patrol Unit at a colourful ceremony held recently at Chitungwiza town centre.

The beat system allows for greater accountability of manpower as commanders are able to check on police officers deployed in a particular area at any time. The police officers deployed on a beat usually follow a pre-defined route and timetable. If there is need for them to deviate from the route, due to other reasons, they have to notify their commander at the Control Base.

Police officers assigned to this Unit are easily identifiable with their new orange sleeves, worn with a general patrol riot gear.

The police chief said, it pained him to see private security companies taking a leading role in crime prevention while regular police officers are not visible in communities. He dispelled the notion that a beat patrol is a menial exercise done by the unschooled and unsophisticated police officers.

Ade Matanga noted that there was a tendency by some members assigned on patrol to disappear from their areas of assignment, or loiter around in their private

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The Zimbabwe Republic Police athletes led by veteran long distance runner, Trust Chidomwaya of Support Unit Fairbridge District emerged among the top five winners in the annual Coca-Cola ZITF 4 minute race.

The defending champion Chidomwaya found the going very tough this year as he surrendered the gold medal to Wellington Varewi of Black Rhinos who emerged this year’s winner after crossing the line at 4:12:64 although he also failed to complete the race in the required time of 4 minutes. For his effort, Varerwi received $800,00 and the coveted shield which for the past four years has been won by the police officers.

The 42 year old Chidomwaya who had complained of an injury that also gave him torrid time before he qualified for the race crossed the line at 4:14:70.He received $400,00.

On third position was also a police officer, Isaac Mpofu also of Support Unit Fairbridge District who crossed the line at 4:15:12. He also walked away with $350,00.

Chidomwaya and Mpofu were amongst the other 18 athletes who included other four members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police who had made it in the semi finals by beating the qualifying time of 4:31 seconds to participate in the finals.

The other police officers who took part at this race were Elijah Mabhunu, Blessmore Chidziva and Tapiwa Manyanga who were also among the top 10. The other ZRP athlete was Ngonidzashe Ncube, who was outside the top 10.

Other athletes were drawn from various clubs around the country as well as other security forces.

The race was introduced in 1985 and since its inception there is only one athlete who has managed to beat the set time of four minutes. The record was set way back in 1995 when the now United States of America (USA) based Grey Mavhura completed the race in 3:58 sec while in 2015,Sydney Makuvaza of Ashanti came closer to beating the time after finishing at 4:01sec.

The Coca-cola Activation Brand Manager, Ms Vee Chibanda said they were happy to be associated with the event and said they were committed to supporting

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The Zimbabwe Republic Police, 2018 Harmonised Elections Commander, Senior Assistant Commissioner Erasmus Makodza has reiterated His Excellency, President Emerson Mnangagwa’s call of ‘no to violence’ during this year’s  elections.

Addressing the journalists at Police General Headquarters recently, SAC Makodza warned political parties to desist from engaging in political violence when they hold their primary and during the harmonised elections.

“Any form of violence, threats, harassment of voters or rival contenders will certainly be dealt with in terms of the country’s law. Adequate security provisions have been put in place by the police to ensure primary and harmonised elections are held in a peaceful environment,” said SAC Makodza.

He added that ZRP will lobby the judiciary to deny bail to all suspects of political motivated cases as a deterrent measure to would be perpetrators. Already the judiciary in liaison with police and other stakeholders has set up special courts throughout the country that will deal speedily with politically motivated crimes.

The Commissioner General of Police, on the other hand, has also set up teams of experienced investigators in all provinces to expedite the investigation and compilation of dockets for prosecution, in line with Section 133 (h) of the Electoral Act, Chapter 2:13.

President Mnangagwa is on record saying that this year’s elections shall be held in a peaceful, free, fair and transparent environment. As such, various institutions and countries, which include the European Union, United Nations, etc, have been allowed to come and observe Zimbabwe’s elections.

Some of the prohibited practices under the Electoral Act include; threatening or inflicting bodily injury to another person, compelling a person to attend or participate in a political rally, abduction, obstructing a political party or candidate to campaign in an area among others.

The Chief Staff officer Press & Public Relations, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba also told the journalists that there would be no sacred cows as police will not consider anyone’s political affiliation, colour, status, gender or standing in dealing with perpetrators of violence.

SAC Makodza urged the media to report objectively and factual all the events before, during and after the elections. In the previous elections, the media has often been polarised and accused of peddling hate speech and falsehoods.

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