Constable Brighton Nyandoro of Support Unit Alpha troop recently escaped death by a whisker after he was attacked by a buffalo at Hwange National Park in Matebeleland North Province.

Speaking from his home where he was recuperating, Constable Nyandoro said tragedy struck while he was in the company of two rangers from Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority. While on their daily patrols in Mandiseka area at Hwange National Park, a buffalo emerged from the nearby bush less than 10 metres away and violently charged at them.

The team scurried in different directions but the buffalo pursued him and he was shoved against trees. Constable Nyandoro then placed himself between the trees where the buffalo had minimum access to him.

The raging buffalo continued attacking him from every angle possible and managed to access his right side of the stomach and his right leg causing severe injuries in the process.

“The buffalo continued attacking me for about five minutes and I maintained my position between the trees knowing that the moment that I move from the trees, I was finished. The buffalo must have noticed that it was not getting anywhere with the attack and turned on its own and went away,” said Constable Nyandoro.

He said, his counterparts returned after the buffalo had left and carried him to the base. They had to climb trees to access network to call for assistance since his condition was deteriorating.

“I was vomiting blood and could not

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Police in Kadoma have arrested two accused persons in connection with unlawful entry and theft cases which have been occurring in Rimuka and surrounding suburbs.

The two, Shepherd Chinanga alias Makubu (35) and Wlliam Mutero alias Takawira Gumbo (32) from Ngezi suburb in Kadoma were arrested following a tip off from members of the public. This resulted in the District setting up a crack team to arrest and recover various property.

The two would break doors or force open windows and steal property which they would dispose of in and around Kadoma.

Police have since recovered television sets, several cell phones, laptops, DVD players and sound systems among other household goods. By the time of going to print, they were still in the process of recovering more property.

According to the Officer-In-Charge Rimuka Police Station Inspector Brighton Hwamiridza, the duo have since been linked to 13 unlawful entry and theft cases which occurred between October 2017 and January 2018.

He also said that they have had a reduction in unlawful entry and theft cases ever since the arrests of the two.

“Ever since the arrest of the duo, the number of reported cases have reduced drastically and on occasions there are no unlawful entry and theft cases being reported at my station. This could mean that the two were behind the cases. Just this past week, I was on duty in the district and we did not receive any such cases from our area,” he said.

The two have already appeared before a Kadoma Magistrate and have been sentenced to 58 months and 54 months respectively.





Zimbabwe Republic Police continues to enjoy the benefits of community policing initiatives and good rapport with the business community. Latest beneficiary, ZRP Bulawayo Central got a hand of goodwill from cement manufacturing giant, Premier Portland Cement (PPC) (Pvt) Ltd Zimbabwe who recently refurbished the station’s front office.

The renovations which costed $30 000, 00 has left ZRP Bulawayo Central boasting of modern looking front offices with state-of-the-art varnished wooden counter, stools, booths for Victim Friendly Unit (VFU), floor tiles, furniture, computers, LED Television sets and a Close Circuit Television (CCTV) camera system.

Speaking during the handover ceremony, Officer Commanding Bulawayo Province, Senior Assistant Commissioner Stephen Mutamba said the appearance of ZRP Bulawayo Central front office was now in sync with the organisation’s Guiding Principle Number Two, which states that, stations and work stations must appeal and satisfy all the organisation’s customers.

“Having realised the then prevailing conditions, PPC saw it befitting to have our reception area renovated as the appearance was no longer pleasant,” said SAC Mutamba.

He said the renovation of ZRP Bulawayo Central Police Station is not for the ZRP alone but for the people of Zimbabwe who benefit from police services rendered from the station.

“The initiative by PPC is applaudable and cannot go unnoticed. The corporate social responsibility by PPC demonstrates their concern for the community they operate from and such practice should be emulated by other institutions,” he said.

SAC Mutamba said the installation of CCTV cameras would not only improve security of the station but also help in supervision.

“The CCTV will go a long way in the evaluation of the transparency of our service delivery.

We will now be able to technically supervise our members,” said SAC Mutamba.

In her remarks during the same event, PPC Zimbabwe Acting Managing Director Mrs Karen Mhazo said the renovation of ZRP Bulawayo Central will go a long way in improving service delivery.

The Minister of Home Affairs and Culture, Dr Obert Mpofu recently met heads of departments under his purview to chat the way forward following his recent appointment to head the ministry.

During the meeting, Dr Mpofu shared the ministry’s vision in line with the expectations of the government.

He challenged all departments to fully rally behind the President’s efforts and deliver premium service to the nation.

“In our quest to improve service, let us, with equal zeal and determination extend the fight to defeat corruption. Together, let us work to rebuild a peaceful and prosperous Zimbabwe. Yes, let us restore the legacy of our nation. Modesty, respect for citizens and visitors alike, nobility, good governance, commitment, empathy, proactivity and responsiveness should characterise our service delivery at all times,” he said.

Minister Mpofu implored the police to continue working with the Registrar General’s office in the Cattle Branding Programme, especially in new settlements.

He also urged the police to reduce the number of roadblocks on the roads.

“Among the strategies, ZRP should employ smart strategies like

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Chiwaridzo stands as a fully fledged police station today three years after being weaned from Bindura Central in October 2014.

Having been established in 1993 as a Police Post, the ZRP Central Planning Committee (CPC) decided to elevate Chiwaridzo Police Post to the position of a fully fledged police station after more than 20 years since its inception

By merely taking a glance on the station’s treble digit crime register, the upgrading came as a relief to Bindura Central Police Station where Chiwaridzo, then a Police Post contributed 75 percent of the crimes reported at the station. Chiwaridzo was always tagged as the problem baby of the central police station due to the crime rate.

“This is a small place with very huge activity. We contribute 75 percent of the total crime registered at Bindura Central,” Assistant Inspector Benson Manyengawana said in an interview when The Outpost visited the station in 2010.

In 2010 again, the then Officer-In-Charge Bindura Central, Chief Inspector Charles Munhungeyi confirmed to The Outpost that Chiwaridzo was Bindura.

“Kana musati masvika kuChiwaridzo hamusati masvika kuBindura (If you have not been to Chiwaridzo, then you have not been to Bindura yet),” he said.

The then Officer Commanding Bindura District Chief Superintendent Shepherd Chiwoko (now Assistant Commissioner) also knows Chiwaridzo as a small place with “big things”.

“If we contain crime levels in Chiwaridzo, we have contained the whole of Bindura,” he told The Outpost in an interview back in 2010.

Exactly three years after being accorded station status and seven years after the last coverage of the station, The Outpost recently visited the station to see how they are fairing.

The Officer-In-Charge Chiwaridzo, Inspector Simbarashe Mhandu attributed the busy status of Chiwaridzo to many factors.

He said that there were a lot of people who visited the area due to various reasons which include seeking for cheap residential accommodation or gold panning.

“This might be a small place but the crime reported here can reach alarming figures of up to an average of 178 cases most of which will be unlawful entry, theft and assault among others. Because of the activities in Bindura which include two universities, Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) and Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU), Gold panning in Kitsiyatota under Bindura Central, other small mines and farms, people always seek

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