Just like any other young person, Police Constable Wellington Mangena (31) of ZRP West Commonage in Bulawayo was obsessed with karate. At a tender age of 12, he joined a karate club before fate took away his trainer leaving him stranded for seven years.

Left with lean options, he was forced to switch to Wushu Kung Fu. It was a sudden change of destiny which he never imagined would take him to China one day.

“I found myself with limited options after my karate master, David Moyo died in 2005. I had to travel all the way to Beitbridge where there was another master, Edfil Moyo. However, nearest to me was a Chinese Wushu club at Esiziba Youth Centre, so I joined them,” said Police Constable Mangena.

Ever since joining Wushu, Police Constable Mangena has excelled and has attained a Dragon Green certificate and is now a shifu.

According to an online dictionary Han Trainer, shifu in Mandarin language or sifu in Cantonese refers to the title skilled person or simply a master.

In 2010, Police Constable Mangena started his own club, The Chinese Wushu Kung Fu club which focuses on training basic wushu skills, routine skills, self-defence and flexibility. The club also concentrate in weight loss training programs.

“Our club has been doing very well and currently we have 15 members that we train. We have a wushu training contract with Insukamini Primary School and on top of that we have a display team which has been invited to various important

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The Zimbabwe Republic Police has devoted itself to the fight against child sexual abuse offences like rape, indecent assault, aggravated indecent assault, permitting children to engage in prostitution and the new phenomenon - online child sexual abuse.

Deputy Commissioner General (Crime), Deputy Commissioner General, Josephine Shambare said the organisation is disturbed by the increase of such crimes of child abuse. She said ZRP was now treating them as part of the top ten priority list of crimes of concern.

“As a national police service, we are equally perturbed by the increase of sexual abuse and exploitation of young children by unscrupulous and irresponsible people in our midst. We are fully alive to the forbidden path of immorality and cultural decadence caused by sexual predators, who are employing contemporary gadgets to prey on children online in order to amplify their shenanigans,” she said.

Deputy Commissioner General Shambare was speaking at a ceremony to receive ten desktop computers and nine laptops, recently donated to ZRP’s Victim Friendly Unit (VFU) by Save the Children Zimbabwe.

The donation also included monthly internet subscriptions for the VFU’s Harare Province, its four District Headquarters and ten police stations.

“Linking the computers to Interpol National Central Bureau (NCB) Harare will strengthen our national resolve to give optimum security and protection to Zimbabwe’s children. Such activities resonate well with the spirit behind Section 19 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe,

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Chief Staff Officer (Press and Public Relations), SAC Charity Charamba (left),  talented wife of Constable Knowledge Madeyi, Mrs Madeyi (centre) Chief Staff Officer (Police Printers),

SAC Prudence Chakanyuka (right) pose for a photo at the PGHQ ZRP Kuyedza Mini-Show

Only a few months after joining Kuyedza Women’s Club (KWC), a goal was set and she was to alter a dress during her dress making course. She had to figure out how to do it with one hand. With passion and ingenuity she managed to get it done.

She uses scissors, needle and threads and she does it with only her right hand, her deformed left hand only offering her little support. Other members can assist in cutting of cloth pieces if a table to lay one is not accessible.


Young and talented wife of Constable Knowledge Madeyi of Police General Headquarters’ Administration Department, Ropafadzo Madeyi was born with Amelia (birth defect of lacking one limb). When growing up she never thought she could participate in handwork until January 2017 when she joined KWC. She undertook several courses with the club, which includes baking, cosmetology, detergent making, dress making, beading and cocktail snacks production.


“I discovered the greater part of my ability in my disability through several courses I undertook at Kuyedza,” said Mrs Madeyi.

KWC empowered the 24-year-old mother to discover some of the hidden talents she never thought she had because of her disability.

She is exceptional in dress making and she exhibited some of her products at the recently held PGHQ Province ZRP Kuyedza Women’s Club Mini-Show held at their headquarters. However, she has not yet raised enough funds to buy sewing machines and is so far doing baking business.


“If I keep focused, two years from now I will be somewhere in the business world as all the courses I undertook are money generating,” said Mrs Madeyi. Her mentor, Mrs Peggy Nhau said she encouraged her to join the club as a way to showcase endless possibilities within the club. “We encouraged her to join so that we could show that nothing is impossible to a physically challenged person. Some women underestimate the potential in the club’s projects but Mrs Madeyi’s success is testimony to the wonderful work that the club is doing.” she said.


Mrs Madeyi was awarded the Best Trainee at the just ended Police General Headquarters KWC Provincial Mini-Show after she managed to attend all meetings and events. People who are physically challenged are sometimes regarded by some as unable to contribute to society in any meaningful way because of their disability, but Mrs Madeyi has done more in Kuyedza Women’s Club to prove she can match those who are not physically challenged.

ZEC Chairperson Justice Rita Makarau

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has conducted itself fairly well in policing elections and by-elections, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) Chairperson Justice Rita Makarau has said.

Justice Makarau said this as she delivered a lecture during the Zimbabwe Republic Police 2017 Legal Services Directorate Strategic Workshop at Police Sports Club in Harare recently.

During the workshop Justice Makarau also urged ZRP to be cognisant of the new changes as regards to voting exercise that has seen some changes from the last elections that were held in 2013.

She also talked about the new Biometric Voting Registration (BVR) system to be conducted by ZEC.

“This is going to be a new system, it means every Zimbabwean eligible to vote must register afresh. When the exercise commences, every member must present him/herself to be registered,” she said.

Justice Makarau said the new exercise which needs an individual’s biometrics (fingerprints and digital photographs) and has no registration by proxy (on behalf of spouses), group registrations or registration as entities but each individual will have to represent themselves.

Commissioner Mpofu

The Zimbabwe Republic Police will discharge its constitutional mandate of preserving peace by crushing unsanctioned demonstrations without fear as they are a menace to internal security.

The remarks were made by Commissioner Planning and Development, Commissioner Rabson Mpofu during a lecture at the Defence University recently.

Commissioner Mpofu, who was representing the Commissioner General of Police, Cde, Dr Augustine Chihuri, was delivering a lecture on, “The role of ZRP to the security of the country”.

While, the public has a right to demonstrate, Commissioner Mpofu said, these rights should be enjoyed with responsibility.

He further said demonstrations in themselves are foreign to African ways of dealing with conflict situations.

“We appreciate that members of society have a right to demonstrate, petition, but these rights are not absolute. They are exercised with responsibility. It cannot be rights with impunity.

“So far as you want to petition, to demonstrate against government, you need to do so responsibly.”

“Demonstrations are actually foreign to African conflict resolution mechanisms because they tend to encourage the single-minded pursuit of individuals and subvert the rights of others,” he said.

ZRP, he said, cannot allow a situation where the government can compel hard power (the military) to intervene when ZRP, the soft power can contain peace.

He said the increase in crime, petitions and demonstrations are a result of the demise of the African values of ubuntu that hinges on the notion that; ‘I am because you are’.

“We are slowly gravitating away from our way of life and that to me is a threat to our national security,” said Commissioner Mpofu.

He however said, ZRP has been able to contain peace and security through such initiatives as the Home Officers Scheme, Crime Consultative Committees (CCC) and the Junior Call Programmes.

Senior officers from various security forces from Zimbabwe and the region follow proceedings during the lecture by Commissioner Mpofu at the Defence University recently

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