Police are investigating a missing person report involving Dr Peter Magombeyi who was reported missing on 15/9/19. He was last seen at his place of residence in Budiriro, Harare on 14/09/19. Anyone with information on his whereabouts or in connection with his disappearance may contact the nearest police station or Harare Operations 0242 – 748836/703631 or whatsApp +263712800197.

27 August 2019

The Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage has noted with concern the mischief by MDC and its surrogates who have notified the Regulating Authorities in all Police districts and stations of the intended demonstrations on the 29th – 31st August 2019. It is clear that the MDC is now playing to the gallery and does not want law and order to prevail in the country.

While constitutionalism exists in Zimbabwe in terms of observance of human rights, it is disturbing that these rights which are clearly espoused in the constitution are now being misused to foment disorder and cause anarchy in the country.

The Government of Zimbabwe is quite aware that the timing of these demonstrations is meant to draw the attention of the international community especially when the President has intensified the country’s re - engagement process at various regional and international fora.

Sadly, some individuals, Non Governmental and Civic Organisations are openly engaging in political acts as a ploy to raise funds from the international world and at the same time tarnish the image of the country in pursuance of a regime change agenda.

The Government of Zimbabwe is also disturbed by the activities of some diplomatic missions in Zimbabwe who are engaging in local politics and clearly showing open support for the opposition political parties in the country through various activities. Let me remind the missions that the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961), Article 41(1) emphasizes the duty of Diplomats which is to respect the laws and regulations of the receiving state and they are duty bound not to interfere with the internal or domestic affairs of the receiving state. My ministry is therefore concerned by the security implications of these diplomatic missions’ interference and visits to private residences of some opposition political party leaders under the guise of diplomatic engagements.

The nation cannot afford to be having demonstrations on a daily or weekly basis, the economy suffers as attention is taken away from key activities which as a country we should be focused upon. We cannot continue to be in the elections mode indefinitely as this create a security threat to the country.

We are also aware that there are manoeuvres to rope in civil servants in the demonstrations through the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions which has openly engaged in opposition party politics. The Government has a way of interacting with its workers without alarming and threatening messages being sent. My ministry is concerned by the MDC’s continuous agenda of dividing and polarising the nation. This agenda will not work as the Commissioner General of Police has been given the responsibility to ensure that law and order is maintained in every village, district, province and the nation at large.

Let me assure all peace loving and law abiding citizens that the law enforcement agents are on high alert to deal with any acts of lawlessness in the country. May I urge Zimbabweans to remain calm and not to be hoodwinked to join unlawful gatherings or demonstrations which are meant to benefit individuals at the expense of the people of Zimbabwe.

We are quite aware that the opposition and its partners intend to hire buses and other vehicles to ferry people to various centres in the country for unlawful gatherings. Transport operators, both public and private should not be used as destabilising agents in the country. Let me reiterate that anyone caught on the wrong side of the law will be dealt with without fear or favour. Vehicles used to promote lawlessness will certainly be impounded by the police.

We urge members of the public NOT to take heed of retrogressive calls to join or participate in the demonstrations. Government in its entirety is working day in day out to improve the socio - economic situation in the country. Let us all support these efforts for the good of the country and promote peace in all corners of Zimbabwe.


Ambassador N. C. G Mathema (Senator)

Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage


10 JULY 2019

The Zimbabwe Republic Police confirms the arrest of five accused persons; Cephas Maisiri (19), Kudakwashe Maisiri (20), Sean Meki (27), Simbarashe Chukutuva (35) and Obey Mbofana (33) for a robbery case involving tobacco bales in the country.

Followingan increase in cases of armed robbery and theft involving tobacco bales, police officers in Harare were deployed within the Central Business District and all feeder roads used by farmers to ferry tobacco to the auction floors with a view of accounting for the culprits.

On 09 July 2019 at around 0400 hours,a team of police officers posed as tobacco farmers who were transporting tobacco bales. They were suddenly accosted by the five accused persons who were using three vehicles; a Toyota Wish, Mazda B2200 and a Mazda 323 Familiar.  

A shoot outensured as the robbers attacked the police officers while at the same time offloading tobacco bales. In the process, Maisiri Cephas was immediately arrested at the scene, whilst the rest of the robbers sped off in their vehicles. The four accused persons were later arrested while hiding in Highfields and are to appear in court soon. Two of the robbers’ vehicles a Mazda Familiar and Mazda pick-up were recovered by the police.

Police reiterates its warning to members of the public to avoid transporting their farming produce during the night. As ZRP, we would like to warn would be perpetrators of such acts that the long arm of the law will always catch up with them.

(NYATHI. P) Assistant Commissioner

Senior Staff Officer (Press, Public and International Relations)

to the Commissioner General of Police


27 JULY 2019

A very good afternoon to you all

On behalf of the Government of Zimbabwe and indeed on behalf of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage, I would like to firstly thank Zimbabweans for the peace currently existing in the country.

While it is clear that the Constitution confers political, civil and economic rights on every citizen, my Ministry has however noted with concern that despite the peaceful environment in our country, opposition political activists are mobilising their structures to engage in demonstrations in the month of August 2019. This has been evidenced by the recent MDC Provincial Youth Executive meeting held in Msasa, Harare where the members resolved to mobilise the public and engage in civil disobedience in order to either remove the current Government or force ZANU PF to the negotiating table.

Information gathered indicates that during the meeting the youths made it clear that funding for the demonstrations will be provided by the Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust (YETT) through the Norwegian People’s Aid, National Council of Swedish Youth Organisation, and the Danish Youth Council. The money was initially earmarked for implementing youth developmental programmes in the country, and is now being diverted for nefarious activities.

In the same vein, Government has it on good authority that the MDC National Standing Committee met at Harvest House and endorsed the call for demonstrations by the youths. They also agreed to identify lawyers and doctors for human rights who will render assistance to demonstrators in the event of arrests or injury. They are also in the process of identifying new safe houses for coordinating these demonstrations.

My Ministry is also aware that a candle light night vigil has been set for 1st August 2019 and that the rally scheduled for Epworth this weekend and the bye election campaign rallies in Glen View South are all targeted to mobilise members of the public for demonstrations.

The Government of Zimbabwe is fully aware that the opposition has also taken a position to partner and support Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) under the banner of labour movements where 18 affiliates met and cited what they call, “the worsening economic environment in the country,” as the reason to engage in demonstrations. Clearly there is a link between MDC and ZCTU, it is disturbing that ZCTU is now being used to dabble into politics instead of labour issues.

The Government of Zimbabwe will not standby and allow anarchy to take centre stage in the country. Let me take this opportunity to warn any organisation, be it political or otherwise that is agitating or organising civil disobedience that the Zimbabwe Republic Police and other security services have a mandate of maintaining law and order in the country. Anyone who engages in intimidation, incitement, threats or violence will only have himself or herself to blame.

My Ministry has directed the Commissioner General of Police to ensure that, officers are on high alert and ready to deal with any acts of violence or destruction of property. We appeal to all peace loving Zimbabweans to ignore these calls for demonstrations which are detrimental to the socio economic development thrust of the Government.

Let me assure the public that the Government through relevant Ministries and departments, is working flat out to improve the living conditions of all people in the country. Therefore, peace is paramount if the nation is to realise the desired goal of economic prosperity. And again I urge Zimbabweans from all walks of life to dialogue with his Excellency, President ED MNANGAGWA on any issue whatsoever before engaging in demonstration so that all of us develop our beautiful Country in unity.

Ambassador N. C. G Mathema (Senator)

Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage

10 JULY 2019

The Zimbabwe Republic Police confirms the death of five (5) people in a fatal road traffic accident which occurred at 141 km peg along Harare-Mutare road on 8 July 2019 at about 0130 hours. The police express their deepest condolences to the bereaved families.

The accident occurred after a male adult (38) who was driving a blue Toyota Dyna vehicle towards Mutare from Harare with 22 passengers on board, lost control of the vehicle after an oncoming car encroached into his lane. The truck then veered off the road for about 50 metres and hit a tree. As a result of the accident, five people, who are believed to be family members, were killed. They have been identified as follows:

  1. Proud Kore
  2. Tashinga Kore (03) a female infant of Farm 356 Chitomborwizi, Chinhoyi.
  3. Abel Kore (02 months) a male infant Farm 356 Chitomborwizi, Chinhoyi.
  4. Marvelous Sithole (14) a female juvenile of Farm 356 Chitomborwizi, Chinhoyi.
  5. Mejury Kanyayi (25) a female adult Farm 356 Chitomborwizi, Chinhoyi.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police urges motorists to be observant, and cautious. Where possible, they must avoid travelling at night while carrying many passengers for long distances especially inter-city routes.

(NYATHI. P) Assistant Commissioner

Senior Staff Officer (Press, Public and International Relations)

To the Commissioner General of Police



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