The Central Firearms Registry is a national institution situated at Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters situated at corner 9th Avenue and Josiah Chinamano, Harare, at grid reference 311182.The Section was established after the promulgation of the Firearms Act in 1957. The registration of firearms was centralized in March 1979. The section is mandated with the duty to register all firearms in Zimbabwe except those owned by the State.

Types of firearms that can be registered by private individuals:

  1. Rifles: All non full automatic rifles (semi and non automatic only)
  2. Shot guns:All types
  3. And guns:All non full automatic rifles only (semi and non automatic only)
  4. Air rifles:All above 1.77mm calibre.

Licencing Authority

The Licencing Authority for firearm is the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

Controller of Firearms

Controller of Firearms is a Police Officer appointed in terms of Section thirty eight (38) of the Firearms Act Chapter 10:09 by the Commissioner General of Police. The current situation is that the Director Criminal Investigation Department is the Controller but he has delegated this to the Deputy Director Criminal Intelligence Unit, Records and Technical Services who an Assistant Commissioner.

Requirement for registration of firearms

Section 5(2) of the Firearms Act Chapter 10:09 states that “the firearm certificate shall be granted by the controller if he is satisfied that the applicant has a good reason for purchasing, acquiring or having in his possession the firearm or ammunition in respect of which the application is made and can be permitted to have in his possession that firearm or ammunition without danger to public safety or to the peace”.   This therefore means the Controller can discretionally change these requirements from time to time.

Major issues that are considered are:-

  1. Character of applicant:This is done through fingerprint vetting and support from local police.
  2. Security of the weapon:Before submitting the application, police have to visit applicant’s place of residence and physically inspect his/her gun cabinet, strong room, armory or safe. Other requirements depend on the intended purpose as stipulated below:-
  •        Crop/livestock protection
  1. Support letter from local police
  2. Support letter from either AREX/ Dept of Parks and Wildlife/Local Authority
  3. Proof of land ownership i.e. land offer letter/title deeds or letter from local councilor/headman.
  • Target shooting/gun club sport
  1. Support letter from an official from the gun club.
  2. Support letter from local police
  • Hunting
    1. A letter by the person on whose land applicant is authorized to hunt
    2. Support letter from a Senior National Parks Officer
  • Protection of cash in transit (Individual)
  1. Current Bank Statement.
  2. Support letter from the Bank Manager
  3. Supporting letter from Officer In Charge /Officer Commanding District and Officer Commanding Province
  4. Source of funds.
  • Protection of cash in transit (companies)
  1. Current bank statement and support letter from Bank Manager
  2. Certificate of Incorporation
  3. CR 14
  4. Letter of appointment from the company director authorizing applicant to stand in for the company.
  • Home Protection
    1. Letter of support from Officer In Charge /Officer Commanding District and Officer
    2. Title deeds for the house/lease agreement

These requirements are also a necessity when applying for importation of firearms and when renewing expired licenses.

A firearm certificate is valid for three (3) years calculated from the first day on the month in which it was issued, thereafter renewals will be done.


Applicant is vetted first and makes his application on the prescribed form. His premises are inspected by the Ministry of Mines and the Government Protective Security Inspectorate (GPSI) upon request by the Controller. If found suitable then a Dealer’s License may be issued.

These applications may be processed in 21days that is 7days at the Criminal Records Office (CRO), 7 days at the Central Criminal Bureau (CCB) and another 7days at Central Firearms Registry.


Type of application                                                                         Fee

Firearm Certificate (FR1)                                                                  $10-00

Firearm Certificate after Import                                                          $15-00

Firearm Certificate Renewal (F23)                                                      $5-00

Firearm Certificate Replacement                                                        $5-00

Import Permit                                                                                   $15-00

Export Permit (Temporary)                                                                 $5-00

Export Permit (Permanent)                                                                $10-00

Transit Permit                                                                                   $25-00

Firearm Dealer’s Permit                                                                     $50-00

Firearm Dealer’s Renewal Permit                                                        $25-00

Auctioneer’s Permit                                                                           $10-00

Dealer’s Import/Export Permit                                                             $50-00

Re-Loader’s Permit                                                                            $50-00

Ammunition Supply Certificate                                                            $5-00

Variation Authority Order                                                                    $5-00

Use of firearms by Crop guard                                                             $5-00

Change of Address                                                                             $5-00

Change Of Company’s Representative                                                  $5-00   

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