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Welcome Remarks from the Commissioner General of Police


It is with profound gratitude that I welcome you all to the Zimbabwe Republic Police website, which shows and gives a clear understanding of where the Zimbabwe Republic Police is coming from, its current operations and where it is going.

The organisation has experienced rapid metamorphosis as it grapples to shake off the inherited structures and systems reminiscent of the British South Africa Police (BSAP). One such transformation is police public interaction whose main thrust is for the public and police to work together to eradicate crime thus, brushing aside the element of reactive policing and coercion. This policy has ushered in the aspect of community policing.

As the world turns into a global village where a click of a button brings one in touch with everything, we have to adapt to the current trends in order to reach our public through electronic means such as this website. Through a click of a button, we hope the public will be able to get in touch with the ZRP and to at least contact a person who is close to them for assistance. <<Click here to Read More>>

Accessing Police Services

  • Every individual has a right to walk into a police station or Public Enquiry Counter (PEC) and make a report if he/she feels his/her rights have been infringed upon by some other person. The report shall be recorded by police and be given a reference number;
  • Members of the public have a right to contact the police through telephone, or various police hotlines around the country.
  • The public can also use various suggestion boxes.
  • Join Crime Prevention Committees.
  • The police have a duty to arrest the accused person after carrying out investigations into the commission of the said crime, as empowered by Sections 27–31 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act Chapter 9:07.


The ZRP endeavours to ensure that, at all times, there is a smooth flow of communication between the organisation and its customers. Members of the public are encouraged to notify the police when they are dissatisfied with the service rendered to them in the manner outlined hereunder:-

  • Report any grievances to the Officer-In-Charge of the local police station;
  • If not satisfied, report to the Officer Commanding Police District, then to the Officer Commanding Police Province and ultimately to the Commissioner General of Police at Police General Headquarters if your concern is not adequately addressed.
  • As police handle reported cases, we undertake to give our clients feedback on progress of inquiries at regular intervals.
  • Upon the finalization of any reported case, we commit ourselves to providing feedback on the outcome to the complainant.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police will remain committed and ready to provide the most effective and efficient policing service to members of public anchored by our core values, mission and vision.

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Where to find us

Police General Headquarters

Address: Cnr 7th Street and J.Chinamano Avenue
Tel: 04 700171

For information concerning ZRP website please write to


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