Criminal Investigation Department

CID Scenes of Crime

CID Scenes of Crime section is responsible for evidence gathering by scientifically examining crime scenes, gathering fingerprint evidence and linking suspects to crimes that would have been committed.

CID Property

CID Property investigates and detects serious cases of Unlawful Entry, Theft and vandalism of property particularly from public utilities.

Automated Fingerprints Identification System (AFIS)

This is a section responsible for electronic classification and vetting of fingerprints. The section also has an electronic database of all criminals that would have been fingerprinted. AFIS [Automated Fingerprint Identification System] was introduced by the Organisation for easy and quick fingerprint searching and vetting.

CID Drugs

This is a specialised section that deals with cases involving drug abuse and trafficking. Drug abuse impacts negatively on individuals, society and the economy. Maintaining a healthy workforce ensures productivity in the country.

CID Serious Frauds

CID Serious Frauds is a specialised section that deals with high profile cases of theft where there is an element of misrepresentation. The section has a cyber crime team to deal specifically with the scourge of computer-generated crimes. The professional handling and reduction of fraud cases builds public and investor confidence thereby enhancing economic growth.

 Vehicle Theft Squad

The Vehicle Theft Squad is a specialised section that deals with cases of theft and robbery of motor vehicles. The section is also responsible for clearing of motor vehicles for various purposes that include:

  • Clearance for registration of motor vehicles
  • Clearance for permanent export where a SARPCCO clearance certificate is issued.
  • Temporary Clearance where vehicle is to be used outside the country temporarily.
  • Clearance for vehicles imported from outside the SARPCCO region for the purposes of re-registration.
  • Clearance for change of ownership.

CID Homicide

CID Homicide is a specialised section that deals with high profile cases of robbery and murder where life is threatened or lost through the use of lethal weapons.

Interpol National Central Bureau (Interpol NCB)

The International Criminal Police Organisation (ICPO) popularly referred to as Interpol is an international police organisation that deals with transnational crime. The organisation has a membership of 191 countries and Zimbabwe is a member. Each member country has a National Central Bureau (NCB) which deals with transnational crimes. The other roles of NCB include:

  • Exchange of information with other NCBs on criminal matters
  • Extradition of fugitives
  • Development of national criminal data base
  • Sharing information/intelligence on policing matters

The NCB has the following desks:

  • Theft of motor vehicles
  • Economic crimes
  • Financial and high-tech crimes
  • Public safety and terrorism
  • Stock theft
  • Drug trafficking
  • Trafficking in human beings
  • Fraudulent travel documents
  • Environmental Crimes
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