Support Sections

Transport and Logistics

This section is responsible for the procurement, distribution, maintenance and disposal of motor vehicles in the organisation. It ensures effective and efficient mobility within the organisation.

The organisation cannot achieve its objective of creating a conducive environment for the smooth implementation of the ZIMASSET without vehicles.



National Quartermaster

This section is responsible for the acquisition and distribution of resources other than Transport and ICT equipment. It is also responsible for construction of  residental and office accomodation for the organisation. The Zimbabwe Republic Police has embarked on building accommodation for its officers with funds realised from projects.

Examples are Police cottages at ZRP Ntabazinduna Training Depot, Commissioning of Mashonaland East Provincial Headquarters and computer laboratory at ZRP Shamwa Battle Camp. This measure is in support of the Government’s Infrastructure and Utilities efforts as espoused in ZIMASSET.




This is a section responsible for running income generating projects that assist in sustaining the organisation’s resource requirements. The projects include farms, holiday cottages, clubs, messes and canteens. This is in support of ZIMASSET cluster on Food Security and Nutrition.



This section is responsible for the efficient and effective procurement, storage and distribution of clothing items, equipment and dry rations to all police officers and stations.

Smartly dressed police officers execute their duties effectively and efficiently thereby creating a conducive environment for the smooth implementation of ZIMASSET.

Clothing Factory

This is a section mandated with the manufacturing of police uniforms and items of embroidery. The uniforms are distributed to Police Officers throughout the country. This is in line with the ZIMASSET cluster on Value Addition and Beneficiation.


This section specialises in the manufacture of all leather items and canvas goods for use by the organisation.


This is a section that specialises in the production of Police forms, books and records. Internal production of Police forms reduces costs and this is in support of cluster number four (Value Addition and Beneficiation) of ZIMASSET.




The section is responsible for providing medical services to all police officers, their dependants and pensioners. Healthy Police Officers execute their duties professionally.

A total of 34 clinics have so far been opened, some being satellites at Districts. The expansion of the Medical Services saw the introduction of the Laboratory, X- Ray, Dental and Rehabilitation Services. Currently there are two Dental Surgeons; one based in Bulawayo, catering for the Southern Region and the other one based in Harare catering for the Northern Region. Apart from the provision of curative services, medical services also provide Dental, Environmental Health, Pharmacy, Laboratory and Rehabilitation Services.

The Environmental Health Section has decentralized to district level and the Pharmaceutical Section has decentralised to Provincial level. The Laboratory services are still at National level based at Morris Depot while the Rehabilitation Services are located in Harare (Support Unit Camp Hospital) and Bulawayo Camp Hospital. Currently the Medical Service has a compliment of 16 Doctors who cover all the Provinces, though Mashonaland West and Matebeleland North are still to have resident Doctors.


ZRP Information and Communication Technology Department

The ZRP Information and Communication Technology (ICT) section is staffed by various ICT Technicians (Computer Programmers, Web Developers/Designers, Switchboard Operators, Telecommunication Technicians, System Administrators, Diesel Artisans and Equipment Stores Personnel) and is one of the support services that fall in the ambit of the Technician Branch of the organisation.

ICT section is responsible for all information and communication technology matters in the Zimbabwe Republic Police and spearheads the organisation in carrying out its constitutional mandate by the timeous dispensation of information between the men on the ground and the Commissioner General of Police, efficiently and effectively.

Heading the section is an ICT Directorate composed of the Director ICT at the head (Commissioner), and three Assistant Commissioners, styled Deputy Director Information Technology (IT) , Senior Staff Officer ICT Administration and Deputy Director Communications. The ICT Directorate is based at Police General Headquarters (PGHQ). In the various Police Provinces are Provincial ICT Officers who are the representatives of the Director ICT and have a dual reporting system reporting to Director ICT on technical issues and to Officer Commanding Provinces on administrative matters. To manage the ICT infrastructure and personnel in their respective Provinces there are ICT Workshops, Diesel Workshops, Equipment Stores and Systems Administration. There are also entities which fall under ICT Section and are only based at Police General Headquarters. These units include Professional Software Development Team to deal with IT Software Development, ICT Training Wing to deal with technical training issues, Central Radio Stores which is the main stores for the section distributing to the Provincial equivalents.


Legal Services

The Directorate is headed by a Commissioner, deputized by two Assistant Commissioners styled Deputy Director Legal and Deputy Director Civil Process and their offices are housed at Police General Headquarters.

The Legal Services Directorate has opened offices in Bulawayo, covering Bulawayo, Matebeleland North and Matebeleland South Provinces. It has also provincial law officers in Manicaland, Masvingo and Midlands Provinces.

The Publications Section also falls under the Directorate and is headed by a qualified law officer styled Staff Officer Publications.

The Legal Services Directorate acts as Legal Advisor to the Commissioner General of Police. Its main duties revolve around the following:-

  • Attending to all Civil Claims concerning the Police in liaison with the Ministry of Home Affairs and Civil Division of the Attorney General’s office.
  • Responding to all calls from Provinces and/or individuals in need of legal advice.
  • Drafting of contracts on behalf of the organisation or clubs formed by members or their wives e.g. Kuyedza Club.
  • Conducting lectures at various fora e.g. Police Staff College, Junior Officer’s Command Course and on a variety of topics with a legal bias.
  • Representing the organisation in various Inter-Ministerial Committees dealing with matters of a legal nature.
  • Maintenance of the Law Library.


This is a section that provides spiritual guidance and welfare services to police officers and their families.



Zimbabwe Republic Police runs a number of schools countrywide. These include ZRP High School, Mabelreign, Tomlinson Depot, Ross Camp, Kadoma, Zimuto and Braeside Primary Schools.


Finance department

Finance department is an arm of the Zimbabwe Republic Police established in terms of the Police Standing Orders Volume 1. The department offers support function towards the force finance administration and control. The department has the overall responsibility for management of the organization’s cash-flow and ensuring there are enough funds available to meet the day to day financial obligations. The department has dedicated and suitably qualified staff in financial matters, available to assist should our clients have any queries regarding payments and financial issues.

Functions of the ZRP Finance Department

  • Management of both Government and Force financial resources.
  • Providing an objective perspective based on financial assessment techniques that support key strategic decisions.
  • Preparation of the organisation’s budgets, forecasts and to report back on the progress against these throughout the year.
  • Approval of routine financial policy matters.
  • Liaison with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
  • Dealing with routine claims as raised by the Auditor General.
  • The day to day running of the force funds and Consolidated Fund.
  • Liaison with other police departments and sections on financial matters.
  • Dealing with non-routine claims by or against the force, particularly where large sums or points of principle are involved.
  • Dealing with all administrative matters which have financial connotations.

Finance department sections

The Zimbabwe Republic Police, Finance Department has its Directorate located at Police General Headquarters and has 17 Finance Clerks decentralised into police provinces so that the organisation finance, administration and control is maintained at high level of efficiency.

Construction section

The section is headed by an Assistant Commissioner as Senior Staff Officer Construction who reports to Chief Staff Officer Quartermaster. He is deputized by two Staff Officers responsible for Administration and Technical Services all located at Construction Headquarters in Harare. Also located at the Headquarters are the offices of Superintendents responsibe for Administration, Projects, Stores and Superintendent Buildings.

The section has eleven Construction Units which are located at Provincial Headquarters nationwide and ten construction satellites located in some of the Districts’ headquarters.

Each station or unit has sub sections or departments according to various trades in the Construction industry as follows;

BRICKLAYING –responsible for all brickwork ie construction and maintenance works

CARPENTRY– responsible for all carpentry work i.e. all structural and joinery works , new installations and general maintenance.

PLUMBING-responsible for all plumbing works that is all water and sewer connections, borehole maintenance and repairs, attending all blockages and burst pipes.

ELECTRICAL – responsible for new electrical installations, maintenance and repairs, fixing of machines and general repairs.

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