Crime Tips

Section 65 of the Criminal Law [Codification and Reform] Act-Rape

  1. If a male person knowingly has sexual intercourse or anal sexual intercourse with a female person and at the time of the intercourse:
  2. the female person has not consented to it; and
  3. He knows that she has not consented to it or realizes that there is a real risk or possibility that she may not have consented to it.

Shall be guilty of rape and liable to imprisonment for life or any shorter period.

Rape-Juvenile (Children under the age of 18 years)

  •   Parents are urged not to leave children in the custody of male relatives or neighbours.
  •   Parents should not allow boys and girls to share bedroom despite their ages.
  •   Parents should desist from the habit of sending children on unnecessary errands.
  •   Teenage girls should desist from engaging in love affairs.
  •   Children are discouraged from being in secluded places unaccompanied or during odd hours.
  •   We encourage children to move in groups when going to or coming from school.
  •   Do not accept rides or company from people you don’t know well and trust.
  •   Do not accept gifts from strangers.
  •   Do not walk alone during the night.
  •   When you faced with risk situation scream.
  •   If you have been sexually abused seek medical attention and report to the Police as soon as possible.
  •   Do not blame yourself for any inappropriate behaviour by an adult.


  •   Female adults are mostly raped by strangers however; they can also be raped by people they know.
  •   Female adults are encouraged to lock their doors at night and when retiring to bed.
  •   Avoid answering to knocks and ensure that you certainly know the individual before opening for anyone especially at night.
  •   Women to desist from being in secluded places during odd hours.
  •   In rural areas women are urged to walk in groups when going to fetch some water or firewood.
  •   Use public transport and avoid accepting lifts from people you don’t know well or trust.
  •   Trust your instincts, if a certain place or situation gives you goose bumps walk away.
  •   Any man is a potential abuser, therefore do not over trust.
  •   When you are faced with a risky situation scream for help.
  •   It is advisable to access treatment and some post exposure measures.


  •   Do not keep large sums of money in person, homes or companies as criminals might rob you.
  •   Use public service vehicles and avoid boarding private or unregistered vehicles.
  •   Be safe by using registered and known vehicles to travel from one place to another.
  •   Avoid travelling during the night and when you travel during the day avoid secluded places and boarding suspicious vehicles.
  •   During the night make sure your premises are well secured and do not open doors or gates to strangers.
  •   Where possible, do not resist demands by robbers in case they pounce on you.


  •   Do not resort to violence when resolving disputes but find amicable ways such as counseling by church leaders, elders, family etc.
  •   Liquor outlets should stick to opening and closing times as stipulated in their liquor licences. It is an offence to operate without a licence and outside the regulated times. Most registered murder cases are as a result of beer drinking.
  •   Where possible ,do not resist demands by robbers in case they pounce on you to prevent murder cases
  •   Report cases of incessant violent conduct that may lead to murder in future at public drink places, gatherings and at home.


  •   Do not expose your valuables such as cellphones, satchels; laptops and other items as criminals might take advantage to break into your homes/premises.
  •   Seek Police service for House under Supervision (HUS) scheme when you are leaving your houses/premises for long.
  •   Where possible do not leave your premises or houses unattended
  •   Do not leave your door keys at obvious places like under doormats and flower pots.
  •   If you hear any sounds of people breaking into your premises, call

Harare Operations on 242 748836,

Bulawayo Operations on 09 2885479/2887766, Manicaland Operations on 0202 64288,

Midlands Operations on 02542 228636,

Masvingo Operations on 02392 262627, Mashonaland West Operations on 026721 29047/026721 25595,

Mashonaland Central Operations on 0271 6891, Mashonaland East Operations on 06279 20581,

Mat North Operations on 0281 30 333,

Mat South Operations on 0284 22834, and

Criminal Investigations Department on 080 80126.


  •   Do not drink and drive under the influence of alcohol as this contributes to road accidents.
  •   Do not board overloaded public service vehicles.
  •   Observe speed limits and safeguard lives on the roads.
  •   Do not use mobile phones while driving as this contributes to road accidents.


  •   Do not engage in any illegal foreign currency dealings as you risk being arrested and taken to court for prosecution.
  •   Be wary of conman and being lured into illegal foreign currency dealings in secluded places, private vehicles, business and residential premises by strangers.
  •   Please take note: All illegal forex dealers and agents who operate in CBD and other areas will face arrest and prosecution.


  •   Be security conscious when you park your vehicle and avoid:Leaving valuables such as cellphones, laptops, satchels and other items exposed on car seats and dashboards.
  •   To curb robbery cases, do not walk alone in secluded places such as dark alleys, bridges and grassy spots. Above all, do not board mushikashika vehicles-these are not registered to carry passengers and are difficult to trace in incidences of robbery and other crimes.
  •   Please avoid boarding pirate taxis or mushikashika or you risk being robbed.
  •   As you approach shopping centres, parking slots and CBD be security conscious and watch out for criminals who might smash and grab valuables from your vehicle.
  •   On approaching traffic controlled intersection/junctions, ensure your valuables are secure and roadsides are clear. Ensure road sides are clear.
  •   As you drive, please proceed with caution on traffic controlled points such as robots and other intersections in order to curb incidences of robbery and theft from motor vehicle.

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