Junior Call

It is an ambitious programme that was introduced to cultivate interest in police activities amongst secondary school pupils. The students are lectured in basic law, human rights, foot drill and general policing. The programme has been very popular with school headmasters who now see it as a good opportunity for them to prepare their pupils to cope with life outside school and in the development of their citizenship.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To promote law abiding conduct and to deter criminal and self-destructive pursuits among youths.
  2. To provide a nucleus of youths with sound basic knowledge of police work.
  3. To propagate a disciplined child through moulding the youths to become good, responsible, conscientised and sympathetic citizens.
  4. To act as a basis of providing useful information and training which would mould the youths as potential or future police candidates.
  5. To help identify and correct risk behaviour in young people through cultivating interest in police activities.

Target group

The programme is voluntary and open to Secondary school going pupils of both sexes and of all races. Parental consent and guidance will be sought before prospective candidates are accepted into the programme through signing indemnity forms. The children go through basic training in policing, law and other social studies. The children also tour various areas of interest and are engaged in community activities within their area such as cleaning the surroundings, tree planting and visiting the sick and the elderly.

Junior Call members on parade using dummy firearms

Benefits of the programme

The youths will grow into responsible and conscious people who can positively contribute to the development of the society. The junior call programme is aimed at helping the youths to desist from criminal behaviour, immoral behaviour and juvenile delinquency. It promotes the physical, mental, moral and social development of the child. This is a demonstration of the ZRP’s commitment to upholding the children’s rights. The junior call programme is one of the key strategies being used to confront and eradicate child abuse. The programme has a major contribution to the propagation of a disciplined child in the society.

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