Neighbourhood Watch Committee

Neighbourhood Watch scheme was introduced in Zimbabwe in 1984. It is an effort by the Police to involve the Public in policing issues. The scheme mainly targets property owners who join and assist to conduct night patrols in their respective areas. It involves residents becoming more responsive to the risk of crime and taking action to protect their own and neighbours property. Such actions may include marking of property, reporting suspicious activity, patrolling neighbourhoods and improving home security, which reduce opportunity for crime and increase chances of detection. The scheme is one of the major community oriented programmes introduced after the police constabulary and primarily meant to contain crime in residential areas.

  • The scheme is not designed to provide full time employment.
  • It is voluntary and open to medically fit and eligible male and female adults.
  • The Officer/ Member in charge station will be in charge of the Neighbourhood Watch Committees in his area of command.
  • Neighbourhood Watch Committee members are expected to be alert and respond to what is going on in their neighbourhood.
  • Interested members of the public are encouraged to approach their local police stations and get more information from the Officer-in charge or station CRLO.
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