• Administration
  • Finance
  • Transport and Logistics
  • National Quartermaster
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Economic Planning and Surveillance

Each section has a specific mandate as follows;-

Administration department
Projects falls under this department. Projects oversees the administrative running and functioning of all police projects (farms, canteens and messes, cottages and clubs)

Finance department
Responsible for efficient and effective distribution of the available financial resources in a manner that steers the organization towards attaining its constitutional mandate.

Printing and production of police related literature. (Reference books, police forms, police receipt books and police identity cards).

Transport and Logistics
Acquisition, distribution, maintenance and disposal of vessels, vehicles and related equipment.

National Quartermaster
Procurement, distribution, management and disposal of all material resources excluding transport and ICT.   Construction also fall under this department and  is mandated with the construction and maintenance of office and residential accommodation in all police establishments.

Information and Communication Technology
Provides nationwide communication capability to the organisation by way of wireless and computer networks.

Economic Planning and Surveillance
To give a positive image of the ZRP by marketing its products, issues to do with recruitment and activities related to social obligations for good corporate governance.


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